Some mistakes of a character, I need help (Read 610 times)

Started by TheDragon, May 02, 2022, 02:57:06 AM
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Some mistakes of a character, I need help
#1  May 02, 2022, 02:57:06 AM
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Hello colleagues I am again with a doubt, the problem are several, they are:

1.The character being the second, third or any place in turns after his presentation stays the screen in static and continues the fight until a button is pressed. It should be noted that the character had the option of Palette Sellector but I deactivated it in the config. Help

2. The character also stays static when he is hit a few times, I also highlight that the character had Guard Break (which is the one that with several blows his shield is broken) but in the .config I deactivated it "supposedly" and it continues to remain static when he is attacked several times and his shield is broken that should not happen. Help

3. Another mistake that I can not find a solution, is that at the time of starting the fight and makes his hyper lvl3 does not harm the opponent, that is, if it is executed but does not harm the opponent, and if the fight begins and first it is hit with any blow (special, hit, or hyper other than the lvl3) and then the lvl3 is made to the opponent,  if it will damage the lvl3, otherwise if it is not stuck it does not harm at the beginning. Will anyone know anything?

I need help with those three mistakes, I hope you explained me well and someone helps me, please.