My NES-styled chiptunes! (.nsf format) (Read 5580 times)

Started by Kuhneghetz, August 31, 2007, 05:05:49 PM
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My NES-styled chiptunes! (.nsf format)
#1  August 31, 2007, 05:05:49 PM
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Using FamiTracker, I've made a few NES-styled chiptunes which are covers from various games and shows (plus some original tunes). Some of them are good, some decent and some are a bit meh.
Since they are in .nsf format, you'll need a NSF-player or a NSF-plugin to play them.

My NES-styled chiptunes

Recommended NSF players and plugins:
NotSo Fatso (Plugin for Winamp and XMplay)
Game Emu Plugin (foo_gep) (Plugin for Foobar2000)
Audio Overload (Game music player for Mac OS X)
FCE Ultra and Nestopia (NES emulators that can also play NSF)

Made a mugen stage based on a game, but have a need of music from that game? Try Galbadia Hotel.