[Stages] Fast Positioning Of Your Sprites In Fighter Factory (Read 4410 times)

Started by Emetar, June 24, 2010, 04:52:53 PM
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[Stages] Fast Positioning Of Your Sprites In Fighter Factory
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In this simple and short but very specific tutorial, I'm going to show you some fast ways to position your sprites in Fighter Factory when creating stage plus some tips.

PURPOSE OF THIS TUTORIAL (read what this is about)

The main idea of this tutorial is to give you the formulas for placing your sprites properly  for stages and place Character Sprites on the same plane in FFactory. Fighter factory places the sprites so that their tops are on the same height when imported. Often times for Stages you need to place a sprite to be not the same height but the same plane as the background sprite. And if you dont need it for stages that much, you certainly need to place Character Sprites for Walk Animation and similar so that the sprites are on the same plane in Fighter Factory. Whenever the sprites are on the same plane (same bottom level), your animations will not look jumpy due to placing the sprites in different height if you didnt use that formula below.

Positioning The Sprites In Fighter Factory

Here you will see nothing unknown. Basically when I started making stages last year, MugenLord's tutorial helped me a lot. He made nice videos to show you how to make them using calculations. Here I made formulas out of what he says in the video, so that if you know or have these formulas, it will be faster for you to calculate and position.

I'd like to make a note on the terms that MugenLord also mixed in his videos. Make a difference between X,Y axes and Height/Width. The Axes are the current position of your stage in FFactory, while Height/Width is the dimensions of your image say 640x480 (Height is 640) (Width is 480). These 2 were mixed in those videos. Thus what you see below is meant Current Position where typed 'Axis' and Image Dimensions when typed 'Height/Width'. Background is the main picture you use and Sky/Floor the separate images you put onto the background. 

X Axis = Width / 2
Y Axis = Height - 240
Boundleft = -Boundright
Boundright = Width / 2.666666666666667
Boundhigh = 240 - Height

X,Y Axes = Sprite Position Fields In Fighter Factory
Width/Height = Sprite Dimensions

Video Standards

Positioning Sky/Floor In Fighter Factory

This formula is developed by me, it takes into account cases where you have a background, you want to place a floor/sky on it and the fastest way to position your floor at the same bottom as the background's or same top as the latter's. Note that you have to adjust your Delta (distance) additionally, this position is just for Fighter factory.

Whenever a sprite is uploaded after a previous sprite, its X,Y Axes are the same as the
previous sprite, unless changed. If the previous one is a background already centered,
the new sprite e.g. Sky is already positioned from the middle to the left/right and on the same
height top as the background, thus no need to position it further.

If the new sprite is a Floor, while the sprite is already centered to the left/right, it needs to
be moved to the same height bottom as the background to be a floor, as it will not be on the
top like the sky. A single formula can determine Floor Y Axis to make it the same bottom
as the background's:

Floor Y Axis = BackgroundYAxis - (BackgroundHeight  - FloorHeight)
OtherSprite X Axis = BackgroundXAxis - (BackgroundWidth  - OtherSpriteWidth)

BackgroundYAxis = Background Sprite's Y Position In Fighter Factory
BackgroundHeight/FloorHeight = Height Of Background/Floor Sprites

For me that was 640x480 background, height is 480, floor was 640x73, height is 73. Using the above formulas I position Background to be 320 for X axis and 240 for Y axis. When I uploaded Floor after the background, it was on the top, like this:

So I know Background's Y axis from above, the background image height, the image height of the floor.

Floor Y Axis = BackgroundYAxis - (BackgroundHeight  - FloorHeight) = 240-(480-73) = 240 - 407 = -167 I put it in Y axis in FFactory. Eventually I get this:

Hope this helped you - just use my formula to place your sprites at the same bottom level, important especially for Character sprites.
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