Using pre existing artmoney tables in 10 steps + Artmoney Tables (Read 8206 times)

Started by Cybasterd, February 22, 2013, 04:56:05 AM
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Using pre existing artmoney tables in 10 steps + Artmoney Tables
#1  February 22, 2013, 04:56:05 AM
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There are still a lot of people a bit scared of artmoney. This program is extremely useful for more than just ripping but data mining games as well. This tutorial is NOT to teach you how to use artmoney. It is simply how to help you use a pre existing artmoney table so you don't have to worry about hours of headache and searching.

First you will need artmoney

When you download a table it will more than likely NOT work on your PC. If it does WEEE~~~ no needing this tutorial. If not we will want to apply an offset so that it will work. Once you do this you can save the table on your PC and not have to worry about it again.

I feel the easiest value to find in most games is the Y axis. So you will need to find this 1 value and here is how.

I am going to use Vampire Savior in this example. I hope to add new examples later.
For most CPS2 games like Street Fighter Alpha and the Darkstalkers series you can look for an exact value. If you are not ripping from these games choose unknown value. But if you know the default Y axis use it.

Run your game and get to a point where player 1 is standing. Preferably in versus or training so player 2 will not be attacking you.

1. Select your process. Here we are using winkawaks

2. Click search
In this example we know the Y axis. If you do not know the Y axis select UNKNOWN VALUE. Your Address Range has 3 options. All, CUSTOM, and EMULATOR. For kawaks we choose EMULATOR. If your emulator or game isn't listed choose ALL. The default Y axis for this game is 40 so if ripping from this game or any SFA/DS game use the value 40.

3. After you search it might say FOUND ALL VALUES if you were searching for an UNKNOWN VALUE. Since we knew the value it found 73 values.

4. Now make player 1 jump. While he is in the air pause the game and filter for an UNKNOWN VALUE and VALUE WAS INCREASED.

5. Now while player 1 is standing again filter for EXACT VALUE = 40.
Again if you do not know the Y axis stick with UNKNOWN VALUE but this time choose VALUE WAS DECREASED.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed till you have a smaller number of values to search through.

7. Now that you have a smaller number of values to look at try changing values to a higher number and see if player 1 will stand in the air.

I put 80 on the 1st value and that was it!

8. Now that you know which of the values on the left side is the Y axis you can delete all the values you found and load the table you downloaded.

9. Now you apply the offset to all. Right click on the Y axis value you had found on the left as the image below shows.

10. Save your new offset table to your computer. Go to the top left to TABLE and click it and you will see SAVE.

Here are artmoney tables from various games. Please give links to any artmoney table you can find in this thread.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - CPS2 Emu
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Chancast
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Hyper SFA - PCSX2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 - PCSX

Darkstalkers - CPS2 Emu
NightWarriors - CPS2 Emu
Vampire Savior. Vampire Hunter, Vampire Savior 2 - CPS2 Emu
Vampire Darkstalkers Collection EX Vampire Savior 2 - PCSX2

Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Chancast
Capcom vs SNK Pro - Chankast
Capcom vs SNK2 - Chankast

Melty Blood React - PC
Y axis defaults from various fighting games (please add to this as well)
Street Fighter Alpha 1-3
All Darkstalker series games
All Marvel series games________

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Re: Using pre existing artmoney tables in 10 steps + Artmoney Tables
#2  February 22, 2013, 11:15:04 PM
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This is really useful, mostly because I've only halfway compiled tables and never actually used others, thanks JNP.
Re: Using pre existing artmoney tables in 10 steps + Artmoney Tables
#3  February 22, 2013, 11:37:17 PM
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I'm glad you like it. I plan to add a second tutorial that will JUST be game specific. Instead of using the Y axis you will use the value of the 1st frame of Ryu's jab. Then the second frame. So you can find the sprites values easily then apply the offset. Using this method will result in a really simple way of finding a value. Only downside is you need an example from 1 character for each game you'd want to use.

Also the real reason I am doing this is to start a series of conversion tutorials. Teaching ways to convert hit boxes, velocities, and other random information into MUGEN for accurate conversions. But to do most of this a small understanding of artmoney is required.
Re: Using pre existing artmoney tables in 10 steps + Artmoney Tables
#4  February 23, 2013, 09:22:29 AM
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Sounds neat, gotta read up on artmoney again, haven't used it in a few years.

It's mostly going to cover the "standard" fighting games, right?