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Title: The Story of Last Bout
Post by: Sean Altly on January 25, 2021, 03:32:21 AM

In the very near future, an egotistical Russian public figure, Illian Fedorov, is a powerful and charismatic leader and billionaire who regularly funds and hosts a world-wide martial arts tournament called The Last Bout. The world thinks of him as an eccentric with political ambition but with no real chance of ever coming into power. Their underestimation of his appeal allows him to amass a vast private military consisting of both his fanatical followers and a large number of mercenaries for hire.

Illian's partner and right hand, a woman known only as Siege, has her own connections to the American government that put her in a unique position. She plays her cards close to the vest, but Illian knows what she is capable of and has formed an alliance with her. They begin to enact a complicated plan that will overthrow and unite both Russian and American governments. They call this plan Operation Cold Fusion.

Despite the clock ticking on their plan, unbeknownst to Siege, Illian decides to proceed with his plans for this year's Last Bout tournament. Illian thinks of himself as the most powerful fighter in the world and his ego can't resist an opportunity to prove it. This year, he carefully handpicks and personally invites each fighter to maximize his challenge since he doesn't expect to be able to hold the tournament again after he takes on the many responsibilities of a global despot.

Little does each of the invitees know that the Last Bout tournament won't just have a huge purse on the line this year, but in fact, the fate of the world.

Title: Re: The Story of Last Bout
Post by: PBRTODD101 on January 25, 2021, 06:44:12 AM
Interesting! I feel that the whole private militia thing and egocentrical fighter idea is inspired by what you did with Castle, Ilian is like a much more refined version of him. With that being said, is Illian the villain protagonist of the story?
Title: Re: The Story of Last Bout
Post by: Sean Altly on January 25, 2021, 10:51:56 PM
It does seem like he's the main focus of the story, but he's really just supposed to be a Bison/Rugal type figure. I'd consider it more of an ensemble, but if I had to choose Ryu/Ken/Chun Li types, I'd say Tristan, Bryce and Vidael are the leads/main characters.