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Started by Bannana, April 30, 2021, 01:36:50 AM
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Untitled Fatal Fury project/system/fullgame
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As I wrote when I released Gato, he was put together as a testbed for a potential fullgame/system that developed out of my work with Wild Ambition. Since then I've been working hard on developing that, and I've made enough progress to outline my what I'm interested in doing with it.

I'll have more examples and updates in the coming days as I start to finalize some stuff with Gato, but for now I want to leave the basic ideas. This game is heavily influenced by parts of Wild Ambition, more so than other fatal fury games, so keep that in mind as I go through this.

Two levels of proration
Flat health (the less health, the less damage taken)
Combo based

A - Punch
B - Kick
C - Strong
A+B - Avoid

Avoid moves

5AB - anti-high attack with a low profile hitbox; however, a significant difference between this and previous games is that it does not put the opponent into a normal hitstate, but a stagger instead. Being hit in this state ALSO puts you into stagger.

6/4AB - passing move: each character will have a unique passing move that has invul between startup and cool down. Being hit puts you into stagger.

There are three types of specials, grouped by what modifies them:

Break moves
A special with two levels of power mapped to A and B, can be canceled early by breaking with A+B

Escalation moves
Two different specials mapped to A and B respectively, upon entering escalation mode the properties of these change.

Heat move
A special mapped to C, when heat is full this move becomes an alternate overdrive version of itself.

Heat bar

Derived from Wild Ambition, the heat bar acts like a tension meter, filling it up during neutral drops proration modifiers, giving full damage no matter what, allows for the overdrive form of the heat move, and the use of avoid during hitstun. At max heat escalation mode can be activated.

Escalation mode

Taken from Blue Mary's move of the same name, Escalation mode changes the properties of special moves, and how hittimes are calculated, allowing for true combos.

Neutral game

Using a modified version of Vans' buffer system and JZ's deep buffering, I'm hoping this has the most nuanced form of directional buffer of any mugen style, and consequently the deepest and most impactful movement. Because my goal is a successor to Real Bout, a series with very tight, fast, and meaningful movement, I want to make it a major part of the game, dealing with the loss of lineswaying from RB by creating a game that is entirely built around it.

Movement options are the standard Fatal Fury jumps and hops, but to create an interesting neutral game, the properties of all forms of movement can be altered by how the buttons are pressed, and in what order, just like the difference between jump and hop and running jump in kof.

In addition, jump arcs can be altered in mid air by pressing left, right, or down.

Running and super jumps are also available.

Passing Bonus

To keep with the movement based game, Just Defend no longer leads to Guard Cancels, but the Passing Bonus. Upon successful JD, a directional can be pressed, which allows for the player to set up options during the hit pause where they would otherwise be in block stun.

B-  dash
U - hop
F - dash

In addition this can be done during air JD, which gives otherwise unavailable options

F - Air dash
B - Air backdash
U - hop cancel
D - fastfall

In both situations Passing Bonus allows for special/super canceling the moment the recovery animation for the movement begins.


Because this project is essentially a poor man's version of what I would like to make an original game out of, but lack the time and skill to make original characters, all the characters will play as highly arranged, almost anime-ish versions of themselves. What I mean by anime-ish is that each character will have a highly unique kit (derived from available attacks) that, while stopping short of being gimmicky, will make them play closer to a game like Guilty Gear or Melty Blood than Fatal Fury or Real Bout.

Currently I'm working on Gato, using the three button Gato+ build as my point of departure, and I'm about 50% done, a lot of what I need to do is tweak velocities, timings

I've already teased some Gato tech, but all of that is still WIP and changes can happen at any time.

The main idea is to focus on characters who haven't appeared in any kof games (with the exception of Gato but he's just grandfathered in), making a sort of side or extra story sort of game.
Spoiler: Gato (click to see content)
Spoiler: Sokaku (click to see content)
Spoiler: Franco Bash (click to see content)
Spoiler: Rick Strowd (click to see content)
Spoiler: Bob (click to see content)
Spoiler: Kevin Rian (click to see content)
Spoiler: Grant (click to see content)

The full package

Right now system and characters are the most important part, but with those done I'll being working with ikemen.
I'm hoping to eventually put together the final thing with nearly everything except for the characters new. This includes music, stages, fx, sfx etc. The core idea of my work will be Naomi/dreamcast like in implementation. If you've seen the effects I made for Gato you get a better idea of what I mean.

Classic stages like Pioneer Plaza and Delta Park will reappear for sure, though in what form I can't say at the moment.
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Re: Untitled Fatal Fury project/system/fullgame
#2  April 30, 2021, 07:37:47 PM
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Hey friend, many guys sometimes give up on the projects because all work involved, i advise you to create several templates to speed up the process and ease all the things, don't let the things very complex, only one person making all won't works if you don't to get easy for you.

Make every thing in a sequential and standardized process.

only passing by here and checking the moves
Re: Untitled Fatal Fury project/system/fullgame
#3  April 30, 2021, 10:02:29 PM
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I completely understand the fatigue, and because of that reality I spent a lot of time on my system backends to automate character creation as much as possible. Currently I only have to really code the four special attacks, the rest of the character can be easily built from editing the variables in the backend.
Re: Untitled Fatal Fury project/system/fullgame
#4  May 01, 2021, 07:11:48 AM
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I'm mostly working on gravity and weight modifications at the moment, but here's an example of a Heat move to show some slight progress