I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub (Read 12614 times)

Started by gohkenytp, March 20, 2024, 04:29:00 pm
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#21  March 20, 2024, 11:53:43 pm
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How to get better? Don't pester people into doing things you want. You can request once, twice is already too much. Then drop it.

That's what I should've done to begin with.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#22  March 21, 2024, 12:23:42 am
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Make an alt account and be quiet. If you want to use a website/service and cannot avoid acting like an obsessive weirdo the only practical solution is keeping your mouth shut.

And this is something you should consider applying in other aspects of your life, because crossing people's boundaries irl can have disastrous consecuences.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#23  March 21, 2024, 12:24:55 am
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I told you, alt accounts are a bad idea! They'll think I'm ban evading!
They'll think my account deems suspicious and automatically kicked!
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#24  March 21, 2024, 01:46:40 am
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Hello, I'm from the SpriteClub server. He's been sugarcoating what he has been doing: he's been harassing Arxos over his shitty commissioned character not being included in SpriteClub, to the point where he was rightfully banned, and has been using sockpuppets to try to get back in the server, ban evading loads of times. Not to mention he's also been trying to get into SaltyBet's server as revenge on us "wrongfully" banning him.

We're not the enemy, Gohken..... you are.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#25  March 21, 2024, 01:51:29 am
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That's what I've been trying to tell you guys about.

We're not the enemy, Gohken..... you are.

Well, I'm really glad you noticed. And I'm really sorry for all the chaos I caused on Arxos and the entire server! And that "shitty commissioned character" is made by Axellord, not me (I commissioned him it)! From now on (for the sake of it), I will no longer pester Arxos anymore about characters not being included in SpriteClub!
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#26  March 21, 2024, 02:16:12 am
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And I'm really sorry for all the chaos I caused on Arxos and the entire server! And that "shitty commissioned character" is made by Axellord, not me (I commissioned him it)! From now on (for the sake of it), I will no longer pester Arxos anymore about characters not being included in SpriteClub!

Imma just say this, but I kinda don't believe you. I've trusted people that they've improved before, only for that trust to actually be broke not that long down the line. You actually need to improve on your behavior before people can trust you, and you actually have to make it stick. Don't say that and then do the same shit later down the line because this whole thread pretty much stated you were the problem here.

This is pretty much my only post here. I hope you improve and (since I'm usually nice) I hope you get a good night's rest (or have a good day, wherever you are. Timezones and whatnot screw me over).
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#27  March 21, 2024, 02:29:50 am
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Wait a minute. So what you're saying about not believing me is that Shadow Alia is my creation and not Axellord's?
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#28  March 21, 2024, 02:59:42 am
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Wait a minute. So what you're saying about not believing me is that Shadow Alia is my creation and not Axellord's?

You're completely, borderline intentionally missing the point. They're saying you have not improved, that you actively refuse to listen to anybody, and most of all that you repeatedly lie about "not pestering" people that clearly now want nothing to do with you. To be honest? Given prior behavior and patterns (including a long, LONG history of apparently vandalizing Wikipedia on over 140 alternate sockpuppet accounts under the original name Jermboy27) I think you should probably be banned from MFG as well before you start doing the same thing here.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#29  March 21, 2024, 03:06:54 am
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Uh, ok then? I see your point on the refusal to listen part. I'll try to improve my skills sooner than you think.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#30  March 21, 2024, 03:50:47 am
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I am Gumhoy, a Moderator from Sprite Club.

I would like to apologize on behalf of the Sprite Club community for this nuisance entering into your community seeking to regain access to ours.
We at the Sprite Club Moderation team have no interest in propagating a conflict like this elsewhere.
Otherwise, I am speaking solely of myself and mine own opinion.

I will humor this incredibly senseless and useless appeal to be unbanned by Sprite Club using MFG as an innocent bystanding mediary.
I have been engaging in conversations with the presiding individual (GohkenYTP) for the period of about a week and a half.
I have tried communication and motivational strategies of several varieties all to no end.
Refusing to disparage individuals seeking improvement, I have failed to foster any change within Gohken.

I tried being nice.
I tried being rude.
I tried appealing to their interests.

Discussion inevitably cycles back to the presence of his ban, and how he might have it lifted.

I have walked him through steps, and advocated for self-improvement, how he should let go of the conflict, focus on bettering himself, and remove attachment to the circumstances - and with an elevated state of mind, perhaps return under an alias to contribute in a situation where he does not feel so desperate to have his way. I have done everything in my power to use words before force, and have shared my correspondence with Gohken to the rest of the Sprite Club Moderation team.

As a result, we as a group, seeing no changes in behaviour, unilaterally decided he is banned from Sprite Club.
In every way possible.

So, why all this fuss to begin with?

Self-admittedly, Gohken has informed me that he has chosen to pursue Sprite Club, and it's Administrator Arxos in order to
add a character to the roster of our MUGEN Betting Stream. This is so that he can use her during exhibition matches.
Exhibition matches are where a user selects characters to fight, and during the allotted exhibition session the match presents on stream.

The character he wishes to add is a commission he had made by an individual known as Axellord. It's name is Shadow Alia.

Arxos considered the character to be below the quality standards expected of admission to the Sprite Club Character Roster.
Since his refusal, Gohken has been what I can only describe as the Nightmare Apparition of Hanlon's Razor made manifest in our material world.

I had hoped, in the end, that he would turn over a new leaf, cease his harassment - and from there I would have been willing to assist him in raising the characters he would like added to the stream up to a level Arxos would consider acceptable. I had planned, from the beginning, with the hopes that this would reach a beneficial conclusion for every party involved.

This olive branch has been summarily thrown back at every opportunity.

In the interest of transparency, though irrelevant in the grand scheme to MFG, the list of offenses this individual has purported.
This is a list of direct infractions that go against our rules.
  • Stalking. By far the most egregious offense has been his incorrigible nature towards our hard-working administrator Arxos. Refusing to see his point of view, nor entertain him as a human being in the slightest, Gohken has made absolutely every single attempt possible to contact Arxos under the premise that he, "does not forget" to add Shadow Alia to the website. It has become so incredbily smothering his communique, that we have taken actions to pre-emptively prevent accounts under a certain age from joining the discord using a bot.

    I shall repeat myself, this user has been such a consistent problem for the person running our community nearly single-handedly that we had to institute new moderation rules just to keep him banned and from ban evading in order to get his way. He is beyond fastidious about every single way he could try to communicate with Arxos outside of methods I would rather not discuss for fear of giving him ideas. All this over the fact Arxos told him no. Which he does all the time, to everybody. Arxos has a lot of patience and is very forthcoming in his dialogue should you treat him with magnanimity and consider him as a person first. In contrast though, attempting to bully him into getting ones way is not conducive to achieving ones goals. Stop stalking Arxos. Regardless of the circumstances, this behaviour is unacceptable.
  • Ban Evasion (# of Infractions are uncountable. Every attempt of communication consists another Ban Evasion)
  • Various Ban Evasion Methods.
  • Contacting Sprite Club Moderators to appeal his ban, including Moderators that have given up their duties. Every single one.
  • Numerous alternate accounts, pretending to be a different person, who then attempt to turn the community against the moderation team.
  • Appealing his ban on an alternate account on the Discord.
  • Appealing his ban on an alternate account on the Twitch Stream.
  • Using an alternate account to lie to me personally about his identity, and other Sprite Club Moderators in the interest of getting himself unbanned.
  • Making a Forum Post with a Poll to query the community regarding his ban. (He was banned immediately.)
  • Attempting to bargain specific punishments for himself, rather than allowing the moderation team to decide his punishment.
  • Attempting to force a conversation regarding him being banned or unbanned following his ban. He remained banned.
  • Constant pleading to be unbanned.
  • When asked to cease communications with Arxos, he replied that he did not know how to stop.
  • Exclaims how he will change his behaviour before returning to his previous behaviour. The shortest example of this is documented as two minutes.
  • Seeking concrete actions he can take to remove his ban regardless of the context of his ban.This entire conversation falls under this.
  • Deleting messages on Discord in an attempt to control the narrative of the conversation.
  • Using ghost pings on Discord in an attempt to force an unwanted conversation or reply.
  • Calling Arxos, the admin, a bitch. (wh- ???)

This is only the infractions directly caused, but do not speak to the entire edifice of his character.
There are certain moral conundrums he has engaged in that I consider to be banworthy.
Yes, him making this very post is included in this category of banworthy behaviour.

  • Self-admitting that his desires take precedence over all others, unironically.
  • Self-admitting to harassing the moderation team in retaliation for his treatment within ban dialogues.
  • Using a non-sequitur to avoid accountability in an attempt to relate to me through extraneous MUGEN Drama irrelevant to Sprite Club.
  • Addressed the Sprite Club Community as being, 'toxic' when he did not get his way.
  • Sour Grapes over Sprite Club being a bad/useless website/community, only to return to harass it's moderators to get his way.
  • Appealing to MUGEN Communities outside of Sprite Club, including this one, in an attempt to harass SC moderators to get his way.
  • A pattern of consistent self-victimization, pushing a narrative that his actions have not been out of line.
  • Their individual behaviour has been overall callous, completely inconsiderate, and ignorant to everyone around them aside from their self-interest.
  • Ignores responses, or selectively cherry picks parts of a response in order to shift the overton window to a framing he finds advantageous.
  • Using extraneous methods to worsen others experiences, by creating stall exhibitions on the Sprite Club Betting Stream with high powered characters, wasting a slot that another user could use - and also wasting everyone's time unless a moderator skips them.

In addition, he has badmouthed Sprite Club as a whole due to his ban, in other community spaces. I do not consider this a ban worthy action - but figured imparting a degree of his bias to the reader would help them better understand his position.

We have treated him with as much magnanimity as we have found possible to do before he completely exhausted every last drop of our good will.
He has shown himself to be a serial and habitual harasser, stalker, and an incorrigible, indignant - thoughtless, gormless and uncaring person.
I consider him personally, to be unwelcome within Sprite Club as a community. I am certain the other moderators would agree.
To wit, the moderation actions that have been taken.

  • We banned his main.
  • We decided to let him remain on an alt so long as he does not bother the rest of the community.
  • We banned his alt.
  • We banned his other alts.
  • We banned him from the Betting Website, the Twitch Channel.
  • We banned him from the Forums.
  • We instituted a bot to prevent accounts younger than 2 weeks from joining the discord fully.
  • The administrator has taken personal measures to prevent his access to the community. Undisclosed to prevent him circumventing them.

Gohken's rap sheet is indeed quite prodigious.
It is regrettable this conversation could not have been kept private, or within our own community and circle of discussion.
It is a succinct waste of time attempting to communicate with him, and any methods by which he may improve himself to a point where he may be considered acceptable within a community like Sprite Club within the future, are found both within the previous one on one discussions between myself and he - but also elsewhere, out in the world, far away from experiences that have proven to make no difference in his overall character or candour.
Do not waste your life trying to help him here, it will not work.

If you are reading this Gohken,

Give up on Sprite Club.
Give up on making appeals.
It will not help you.
It will not change your life for the better.
The moderation team finds you insufferable.
The community finds you insufferable.
You are unwanted.
You are unwelcome.
It does not achieve anything for you in the end.
All over a character you wanted not being added
All because the Admin had the gall to tell you no
There is a community out there who will love you for you.
Please consider your behaviour more.

I do not hate Gohken. I sincerely wish, and hope - with great vigor, that he is able to overcome his own challenges and aspire to being a better person in the long run. However, I refuse to entertain the victimization of my friends, my colleagues, and the spirit of a place I hold very dear.
It remains to me a baffling mystery his sheer incredulity and insistence.
I have been ignoring him for several days now, across the 3 alts he has tried to use to contact me.

I feel, sincerely, and in an extremely unfortunate manner - that perhaps Gohken is limited by a debilitating mental illness; which I refuse to hold against him personally, but of course this cannot excuse his behaviour. I wish him the best.

Whether he eventually redeems himself or not cannot excuse that he deserves the punishment he has accrued in direct response to his SHOCKINGLY awful attitude, actions, and behaviour. SHAME ON YOU Gohken. Shame shame shame. Nothing you do now can earn back the trust of others, it is up to them and only them to determine if you are worthy of trust and consideration.

While I have zero power in discretionary terms regarding MFG's moderation staff concerning GohkenYTP,
I recommend that MFG ban this individual (GohkenYTP), and any further attempts by him to appeal to MFG at large.
He is a bully.
He refuses to listen, improve, or be reasoned with; and any action you take in self-defense he views as an attack.

Keep him out.

Should the need arise, I have documents and screenshots, pertaining to each of these offenses, however,

MFG is not the place for this discussion!
It is incredibly disrespectful to everyone here, and a complete waste of their time.
Gohken, you should be ashamed of yourself more than anything for having posted here.
I am highly disappointed in you.
Your SELFISH DESPERATION shouldn't cause you to drag others into your mess.
It only further demonstrates your complete lack of consideration!

Let this all go.

If you REALLY want to improve,

Thank you. Have a pleasant day.  :muttrox:
If and when a mod sees, this, just lock the thread. This is not the time nor place, nor is it worth it.
I have edited this post in places for clarity and grammar.
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#31  March 21, 2024, 05:44:03 am
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Seeing the post above... I say that gohken should be banned here too. And have this thread locked immediately.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#32  March 21, 2024, 06:12:19 am
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I hate to feed this thread more, but I feel compelled to speak up given I basically got forced into a main character role here, and MFG is actually a place that I care about (...even if my activity may suggest otherwise).

Anyway, it's safe to say that Gohkenytp will not be allowed back in SpriteClub under any circumstances.
He has repeatedly failed to respect my requests, which among others includes repeated and superfluous pinging, deleting his DM's, contacting me via multiple accounts (even prior to his ban), and more.
I initially blocked him personally and allowed him to stay in the community, as he was mostly a nuisance to me and not others, but ever since he attempted contacting me in every way possible, across at least 5 different platforms, and including over 20 accounts worth of alts.
This level of ban evasion is plain harassment and we will continue to do our best to enforce your ban indefinitely.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#33  March 21, 2024, 07:30:20 am
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I say this having had to deal with my own share of bad actors over the years, I feel your pain. While the user hasn't quite had this level of behavior over here, the testimony is acknowledged and believable. So here it is. The Warning.

Gohkenytp, this topic will not be locked because we're now going to see if you can internalize what is being told to you.

You will not respond to this topic, even to respond to me. You will not make a new topic of its ilk. You will go about your business on this forum and you will be on your best behavior, because if you do not there will be no hesitation to get rid of you both here and on the discord. In addition your bans are now linked, so a failure to control yourself at either will lose you both. DO NOT TEST THIS.

If we get rid of you, do not think you will be able to come back in.  You are not the first to exhibit this behavior and we have gotten very good at finding alts. You post here on the generosity of your peers. Don't waste it.

Peanut gallery, you will control yourselves. Do not goad and poke and prod and do all the things you're oh so very good at doing when you want the drama. I have no problem passing equal judgement if necessary.

We start now.
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#34  March 21, 2024, 12:30:02 pm
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Well then. I guess I need to improve my behavior before I get back into SpriteClub fresh and clean, since I'm in the autism spectrum as for you guys to know.
Like I said, I shouldn't be pestering Arxos over a rejected character and left him alone before this chaos even happened! Since I read what Gumhoy said to me, it made me feel really miserable.

Anyways, I have to move on that site like he said.
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#35  March 21, 2024, 01:07:17 pm
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I dont give a shit if you are in the autism spectrum.  A  ton of people are and they are not granted special status over it.

Your insistence in continuing to post about this might get you banned here as well.  You are not solving this, you need to walk away and stop repeatedly posting about how you are gonna get unbanned, shit behaviour gets you shit treatment.

No one in any internet community has to be a caretaker for you, no matter how bad you think you have it, demanding to do so will only result in this,
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#36  March 21, 2024, 01:15:05 pm
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OK then. Fine, I'll stop whatever I'm doing (as in knowing how to get unbanned from SC) and move on.

Cause of me having to move on from SpriteClub. I'm locking this topic until further notice.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#37  March 21, 2024, 01:40:29 pm
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You're not going to do anything. You just crossed a line twice when there's a CLEAR warning on you to stop talking and just move on.

But since you don't want to and insist on responding, then goodbye.

Additional note: Noticed I was too late before Gohkenytp pulled the trigger on locking the thread, so unlocked it anyway.
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Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#38  March 30, 2024, 08:01:52 pm
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Hey there, guys. Gohken here (again). I think I just remembered how to get unbanned from SpriteClub entirely, I need to appeal my ban from that site in order to get unbanned. So if I didn't bother Arxos too much before the chaos I caused, everything will be just fine as is.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#39  March 30, 2024, 08:24:07 pm
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Cool, but we don't care. Goodbye again.
Re: I would like some help on how to get unbanned from SpriteClub
#40  May 03, 2024, 08:57:02 am
Greetings... To be honest, although I created my MFG account years ago, I never imagined that the first message would be like this. I'm going to be honest and direct. I just want to apologize for this situation, especially to Axros. I just never expected anything like this. When someone makes a commission it is usually for personal use or at least it does not involve harassing or bothering people on the internet. The guy even asked me the same thing about his SC ban to which I simply responded that it had nothing to do with me (Because it's the truth, the same as people here).
In any case I was looking for something else but I ended up reading the whole conversation, I didn't expect him to be that kind of person. (Despite noticing certain questionable behaviors) I have no intention of reviving the post. In a way I think it's my fault so I just wanted to apologize on my behalf to those involved.
I'm going to keep it in mind from now on, and by that I mean that I will not accept commissions from this guy again. The last thing I'm looking for is to cause problems or controversy.

PS: Even I find the banning of the character in question (In mean that Cheapie Alia) very reasonable, I mean it's not that it's simply poorly done, it's more because of specifications...

That's all I have to say. Have a nice day. :mmg: