Older Ruby Rose (or Webs of Freedom Ruby Rose) [OHMSBY's Ruby Edit] (Read 1890 times)

Started by Mushypepito123, April 19, 2021, 03:49:35 PM
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Older Ruby Rose (or Webs of Freedom Ruby Rose) [OHMSBY's Ruby Edit]
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Older Ruby Rose (AKA Webs of Freedom Ruby) is a former Huntress trained in Beacon Academy and the eponymous fan-made older version of Ruby Rose as a more serious individual.

she is the main Ruby Rose during the Arachnid Outbreak, an era of rebellion which Planet Earth is conquered and oppressed by the empire led by the main antagonist, Thanos, known as the Black Order,  she is one of the highest assets of the resistance group known as the "Parkerists". vowed to free the earth and rid of its' iron-fisted overlords.

Subject Name : Ruby Rose.
Age: 23
height 176cm
home planet: Earth
home universe: D-3105
affiliation: Parkerists (Currently)
                  Ruby's Group
                      Formerly: Beacon Academy
                                        Signal Academy
occupation: Huntress (Formerly)
                       Terrorist (Currently)

1. this version of Ruby is based on Mikasa Ackerman, due to Fanfictional reasons.
2. she harbors genuine love for Peter Parker (AKA Spider-Man)
3. she's much more serious than her original counterpart.

1. made her a bit OP
2. her EX Buzzsaw is renamed into Tornado Buzzsaw, she spins fast and dealing a ton of damage.
3. changed and CSed her sprites, changed some expressions into stoic and serious stuff.
4. extended Gun Blast from 3 to 5.


Note: i regret nothing..
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Re: Older Ruby Rose (or Webs of Freedom Ruby Rose) [OHMSBY's Ruby Edit]
#2  April 20, 2021, 12:23:48 AM
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Excellent work, Pal
Older Ruby X Peter Parker