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Title: My Souther (Thouther) Ending
Post by: guy-zero32k4 on July 08, 2013, 09:49:17 PM

Seems I forgot to post this here. 

"Why did you spell it like that?"  I went by the subs on the series and the movie and the manga I've read.

For this one, a little video editing to make it look like he's getting even with Kenshiro.

Now, please don't ruin the anime for those who haven't seen it on why he's able to take Ken's punches.


This is from my personal mugen and the next one is the last one I release using this style.  No more Thanos either.  Time for other bosses to shine.

After the next one, new comic panel-like look and it's gonna look different.  Big time starting with Duke Nukem.  What does that mean?  Stay tuned.

Next time, the Hulk.  With surpises.