v0.9 to v0.95 glitch and gameplay fixes (Read 32898 times)

Started by swipergod, March 02, 2012, 11:26:19 AM
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v0.9 to v0.95 glitch and gameplay fixes
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I wanted to start this topic since the release will be getting close. When I have more time, I'll populate this bad boy with everything I can remember.

Bug/Gamplay Fixes:

- Random animation fixes for a couple of characters (wrong sprites used in animation)
- Goenitz multi-slash attack (dp +p) is faster and more useful now.  Hit box has increased too. 
- Shiki's SDM now has seeking.  No damage alterations were made to her.
- Vanessa's counter punch has counter punch properties like Mr. Karate's
- K's HK spike now has horizontal launcher properties.
- Benimaru gains a high version of his SDM.
- Joe reverts to his v0.8 self.  DM exploding slash and SDM exploding heel.
- Mr. Karate loses his standing sweep UA and gains an overhead.

Feature Fixes:

- Yamazaki gains a new stage (Train Yards 98)
- Clark gains a new stage (Desert 2k)
- Shiki returns to the roster and is brought upto KOFE standards.
- KOFE now runs on Mugen 1.0
- New Common.snd for basic sounds

Cosmetic Fixes:

- Zero has a new HSDM
- Rock gains Blue Mary Arm and Leg snaps
- Palette separation for King, Jhun and Joe
- Palette fix for Kula
- Mature and Rugal, Mature and Vice, Vice and Iori all have new special intros.
- Mature gains a new effect for her SDM
- Ryo and Yuri have a new special intro
- Joe's Golden Heel is the RB animation style now.
New KOFE website is up.  Go visit it for all your KOFE needs:
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