World Warriors 3: Nuclear Conflict (Read 5043 times)

Started by HQ, May 21, 2018, 03:42:49 PM
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Re: World Warriors 3: Nuclear Conflict
#21  May 21, 2018, 10:39:57 PM
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I said "one of the reasons", not "the only reason"

You will be surprised how far the background screening goes in a corporate world, in particular when dealing in government and military industries.
My personal resume has references to my FB and Twitter accounts, and from there it's an easy association to my involvement with HDBZ.
HR recruiters nowadays run background screening on social networks and even first-grade contacts/relatives, in order to check for potential conflicts of interest or attitudes/comments that would be against the Standards of Business Conduct (SBC) of the employer.

Your parody game could cross a red line in some environments, hence why we ask that you limit the association to HDBZ. Obviously this would not be an issue if your game was Joe Vs. Matt, but having the likes of the POTUS or Angela Merkel could have implications to some people's careers.
We are not telling you to stop your project. Whether people like it or not, or if it's fair parody ir bad taste, it's your project. All we ask, is that the name of HDBZ is not associated or referenced on it.
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Re: World Warriors 3: Nuclear Conflict
#22  May 21, 2018, 11:25:38 PM
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From the nearly 30.000 Google Search Page results, the 20.000 youtube results, the probably millions of comments about HyperDBZ on any platform (twitter, Facebook, youtube, discord! here on mfg, deviant art,etc ), the thousands of people "associated" with it, with you, by writing about it, creating videos about it, having HyperDBZ stuff as avatars etc, I can proudly tell you that if that is really the case, I'm sure that I'd be the least of a problem for you if they background check anyone ever mentioning HyperDBZ. I'm sure you have a fb friend, a close family member or follow someone on any platform that has world views that would reflect badly on you if that's all the case.

If that of what you try to explain to me is really true, and I doubt that to some part, then it would probably be the wisest decision for you, to not be part of anything like HyperDBZ, at all. Or do you guys do background checks nowadays on your actual team members? What if xy is part of a student organization or is criticizing politician xy? Come ON!

IF there is more reasons (as you mentioned), pls tell me in private & we can have a civil talk about like we always had. I have an open ear & am open for talking about it; Again, I don't want to affect your life negatively, but the issues stated seem to be not the core issue any of you are having.

That said, pls keep it on-topic now.