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Started by lui, October 21, 2019, 11:25:49 AM
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Re: King of Fighters All-Stars (Mobile)
#301  February 25, 2020, 05:45:39 AM
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I need some help, I have many characters but I could not upload them all to level to many I have them in level 1 :/ What characters do you recommend to improve to the maximum? and how can I do to give more power to my characters and seen players that have them with more than 20,000 the maximum the strongest characters I have are Orochi and original Zero but they barely reach almost 17000 :(
~Concentrate on using every capsule gained on Orochi and O.Zero until they are maxed out.  Other characters I would recommend would be the 5* ones you gained for free (Athena, Terry, Mature, Vice, Kyo), preferably Mature and Kyo and attempt to get K' whenever you get a ticket selector.

Once you maximized O.Zero and Orochi, go for the Arena challenge with them (skip league unless you are ready to die painlessly to Mukai) to stock up in coins for AP capsules but most importantly to get some rubies at the end of the season.  Oh, and to farm Geese materials to craft him.  That too.

~Always do daily summons and daily battle cards.  If you want to spend rubies, attempt to spend it on Fest cards like Summer, Mad Iori, or Tekken set if it ever returns.  You can still go for budget cards from the weekly dungeon to at least get a small boost until you get the Kula set cards.  If you get any Option ticket selector, aim for the one with Maxima for a skill cooldown reduction.

Re: King of Fighters All-Stars (Mobile)
#302  February 28, 2020, 05:27:45 AM
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Another Samurai Shodown code from Facebook, assuming it's the same reward. The code is:
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