Marvel vs Capcom: Maximum 2.0 - PREVIEW - New Iceman, Human Torch (Read 1044 times)

Started by PIZZAHIGHFIVE, February 14, 2020, 01:24:21 AM
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Marvel vs Capcom: Maximum 2.0 - PREVIEW - New Iceman, Human Torch
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Preview of Marvel vs Capcom Maximum 2.0

-More fixes, like bug fixes, animation fixes, and coding fixes, what makes the real difference
-More edits, some chars have better mobility, new moves, or even new supers
-More balance, characters must pass the balance test. Everyone must be able to compete well, infinites are allowed in, braindead ones are removed.
-More Characters, Some characters were replaced for some newer better ones.
-More Stages, Some new never before seen edits

Here is how it looks like 2 players Online

Marvel Vs Capcom Maximum Discord - Here are Character Updates, Discussions, Online Matchmaking, and a good little community

Marvel vs Capcom Maximum YouTube - Videos, Update previews, Online Matches!
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