Actual SFIV Damage Scaling (Read 15629 times)

Started by Yoshin222, October 09, 2017, 09:46:38 PM
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Actual SFIV Damage Scaling
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A while back, i made a method for SFIV damage scaling. This was unwise as it relied on AttackMulSet which isn't completely reliable. While studying HDBZ code (reasons) i decided to make a Sean character test out my current capabilities with making characters. While doing so i developed a method of calculating damage similar to SFIV. For those who don' know, in SFIV the first 2 hits are unscathed, with the next hit doing 80% damage, then 70% and so on. Unfortunately i haven't been able to figure out a good method for Life Scaling yet, so Fvar(9) is unused in this code for now. If anyone has a method, please let me know. With that out of the way, heres what ya need
4 Available Vars, in this example  i use Fvars 8,10, 11 and 13.
In this example, Far(8) is used to see if the move is a counterhit, adding an additional 20% to the damage if it is. Fvar(10) is the damage scaling percent, Fvar(13) keeps track of how many hits are in the combo, and Fvar(11) is the final calculation. Finally, contained at the bottom if what should be put in to your hitdefs damage parameter for the scaling to work. It just checks if theres more than 2 hits in the combo, then applies the scaling. Otherwise its unscaled.

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This code isn't perfect, and i'd rather have total control over when damage scaling takes effect and how instead of relying on Movehit, but for now this code should serve as a great starting point for anyone wanting to add a lil bit of sophistication to their characters but have difficulty grasping damage scaling (i know i did) so if theres anything wrong with this code please let me know. With that have a good day and hope this helps!

My sleep patterns been fucked recently, i apologise for my idiocy XD There are a bunch of flaws in that code. When i tested it it worked at the time, but now i see there are multiple errors, suchl as the scaling applying too late. I have not only fixed that issue, but have simplified the damage template, and have even added Life Scaling! Now when the opponent is at 50% or less, they have damage reduced by 10%, 15 at 30% and lower. Everything still applies, except the whole Fvar(9) stuff thats being used now.

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