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Started by Basara Huffman, October 09, 2020, 05:17:44 PM
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Genshin Impact
#1  October 09, 2020, 05:17:44 PM
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The new JRPG from MiHoYo, the creators of Honkai Impact 3rd and Guns GirlZ, available for PS4, Switch, PC and mobile phones (Android and iPhone)
I must say it was a surprise for me, so much time I didn't play a so inmersive JRPG like this one, I started to play it because I got PS4 recently and this game was for free on the Play Store, so I downloaded it. And yeah, it got me so much hours of fun, as well gives me various new waifus to adore :heart:

I thought a thread of this was made, but seeing that it's not, I put the first stone on Guild with this. What do you think of the game?? Do you play it, and if not, would you?? Are you playing it on consoles or smartphones?? Also, my waifus are the librara-ara (Lisa), grownup Saber (Jean) and the red energetic tsundere (Amber) :P
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Re: Genshin Impact
#2  October 09, 2020, 09:03:50 PM
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the best AAA game for free is this one
Re: Genshin Impact
#3  October 10, 2020, 04:18:10 AM
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I'm not going to lie Genshin Impact is a good game, but the problem is that it's a mobile game trying to appeal to the mainstream crowd by releasing on major consoles and PC. That is a blessing and a curse with many of the benefits coming from the fact that it has a larger audience to pull into its game, being eventually offshoot by its retention which will find many of its players dropping the game after the initial hype.

I will come out and admit that this is probably the best looking mobile game I've ever seen with its gorgeous anime inspired graphics to the vibrant colors of its landscape and world, but its a shame that it didn't translate well to the gameplay. You have to remember that this started out as a mobile game before being ported out to platforms so the developers had to keep in mind that they had to keep most of the gameplay as simple as possible since you can't really pull off the more complex stuff like you can with other full blown RPGs.

The game loves to promote its elemental system where you can mix and match characters/abilities to produce various different effects, but in the end of the day most of the time said elemental effects will actually be a byproduct of the mindless hacking and slashing you will be doing and most of those various elemental effects just ends up being different forms of damage. What I'm trying to say is that the gameplay itself isn't as deep as the game makes it out to be as like I said before mostly just boils down to mashing the attack button until the enemy is dead with the occasional dodging here, super mover there. Even as you progress through the game the gameplay remains stagnant though there are a bit of gameplay changes that shake up the formula a bit by introducing schmup-like sections where you gliding through the air blasting enemies with magic, but those are few and far between and even then wears out its welcome quick.

When it comes to exploration, once again its as barebones as you can get. You basically wander around the large open map looking for new locations to explore while finding warp points for easier travel while also revealing parts of the map to help your adventure along, though there are a lot of places where the game won't let you go through until finishing certain points of the story. While you are often rewarded for going off the beaten path, said rewards are often small, but frequent though aren't usually worth doing unless you're low on common resources like upgrade materials. Since this is essentially a gacha game, the game can't reward you with a super rare item (unlike most RPGs) since it can't have it threaten its bottom line so just because you found a secret area, don't get your hopes up expecting something along the lines of rare and valuable treasure.

And now we get to the monetization in this game: the gacha. These are by far one of the lowest rates I've ever seen in a gacha game with a base rate of 0.6% of getting a 5*. I don't mean a 5* character, I mean 5* in general so even if you hit that sweet 0.6% (0.3% on banner) sweet spot you're still not guaranteed a 5* character you want and might a weapon instead (on banner wise) until 180 pulls and that's after hitting the pity for the first time! Speaking of which Genshin Impact has a pity system where every 90 and 180 pulls you're guaranteed a 5*,  with the first 90 only guaranteeing a 5* character or weapon (50% chance of the character being on banner) though only after the 180 mark does it makes it so that the guaranteed 5* is the on banner character. That means unless you have amazing luck, you're expected to spend hundreds of dollars before getting the chasracter you want on any given banner. While this may seem like a qod send compared to most gachas (I'm looking at you FGO) who offer little to no safety net, it's almost wasted on the fact the the premium currency in the game is incredibly expensive (with the best deal being $100 USD for around 40 summons outside of bonus gems) with the free currency being given slowly (most of the time in single digits) through quest completions, exploration, milestones, and events. Did I mention that one summon needs 160 of this currency? So outside of events, expect one summon every few days and that's if you do all of your dailies. Did I mention you need to pull the same character 6 times (7 if you count the first copy) to max them out? Yeah, good luck with that...

Keeping in line with the monetization it doesn't help that this game gets increasingly more predatory as you progress through the "end game" as you start to max out your gear and characters as a lot of the resources you need are effectively locked behind "paywalls". Since you need Resin (effectively stamina in most gacha games) to engage in certain activites like specific resource grinding, world bosses, dungeon crawling, etc. These activities use up a lot of Resin at a time and with most of them requiring 40 to participate (Resin is capped at 120 with no way of increasing the max, though they do slowly regenerate over time). While you can restore your Resin by using in-game items you get from events and rank up rewards, it will eventually come to the point where you will need to cough up some of your premium currency (or cash) if you want to continue powering up, though you are hard capped to 10 refreshes per day.

It's a shame that this incredibly beautiful game is bogged down by a repetitive and simple combat that makes it sound more complex that it actually is, highly restrictive gameplay that basically forces you to plan out how you want to spend your Resin effectively, and an overbearing monetization that passively strong arms you into spending money that becomes more apparent as you play the game. Unless they make some significant changes soon, many of the players drawn towards the initial hype will drop the game relatively quickly as they find out what's truly rotting under this gorgeous coat of paint.

TL;DR: Genshin is a decent RPG, but a bad gacha game.
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