Fighters of the Storm (Read 1692 times)

Started by Kalumon, September 01, 2019, 09:49:24 PM
Fighters of the Storm
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Are you ready true belivers?  Blizzard and Activision have joined forces once again to bring you:

... Ha! i wish.

This is a little concept video of what i would dream FotS to be. If you are tired of silly teammates and their lack of skill with your mains, why don't you take the reins of the whole team?

This would be a 5v5 (3v3 plus 2 assists per team) fighting game with chaotic and exciting action full of possibilities focused on HotS elements like new Talents per missing character and ... support peeling (?)

If you like this proposal like it, share it and make  noise so Blizzard may notice it (hire me, please, i would love to make this come true *winky face* ).