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Started by Steel Komodo, May 03, 2020, 07:06:50 PM
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Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#1  May 03, 2020, 07:06:50 PM
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What's this about?
So since I need a drastic way to stave off the boredom of lockdown, here's the first footage of Sakura for the Capcom Heroines: Clash of Hearts project. There's a lot that still needs to be done - the GetHits and basic movement are all there, and I'll want to add additional states for compatability. such as crumple, cheap KO etc. But she's coming along nicely, I'd say.

To elaborate - the anim timings and sprites are from PotS' Sakura. The CLSN's are adapted from LostAvenger's Sakura, since those use a different set of sprites. Most of the gameplay, however, is a very heavily-edited version of the Ryu I made about three years ago, with major changes to the gameplay. Memo's custom hitsparks will also be implemented.

  • Forward Run, back hop, short hop and Super Jump.
  • English voices from Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken. Japanese voice pack in the future.
  • Limited air guarding.
  • "MvC-Lite"-style gameplay - air combos, air moves etc. No OTG's.
  • Street Fighter Zero-style ground recovery rolls. Limited air recovery.
  • 4 buttons - Light, Medium, Heavy and Heart. Combos follow a looser version of Street Fighter X Tekken's L > M > H > Launcher, but can also follow Normal > Command > Special > Super akin to KoF.
  • All characters have 2 Level 1 Supers and 1 Level 3 Hyper.
  • "Heart" system that allows for selectable sub-systems akin to MvC:I's Infinity Stones.
    • Heart Power - A unique ability for every Heart.
    • Change of Heart (1000 Power while blocking or taking damage) - A Killer Instinct-styled combo breaker. Knock the foe back and turn the tables.
    • Heart Surge: (3000 Power and low life) - Gain a temporary boost for around 10 seconds. However, once the time limit is up, the Heart Surge cannot be performed again.
Future updates will add more Hearts, polish and possible new gameplay features.

...and with that said, I should probably detail Sakura's moves. Although you people should probably already know them :P

Command Normals
Flower Kick -

Special Moves
Hadouken -
The classic projectile. Strength of button determines speed.

Shunpukyaku - (AIR OK)
Sakura's take on the classic spin kick. Number of hits and overall damage depends on the strength of the button. H Air version travels forward.

Shououken -
Sakura runs forward before doing her traditional uppercut. She runs further depending on the strength of the button pressed, but can be interrupted by projectiles and other attacks. The number of hits depends on the strength of the button pressed.

Haru Kaze -
Sakura leaps forwards, with her range determined by the strength of the button pressed. The following options are available from here:
  • Midair Stop - : Sakura stops in midair and drops to the ground.
  • Oukakyaku - : Sakura performs a diving kick. Not an overhead.
  • Sakura Otoshi - : Sakura does a twin hammer-fist attack. Press two more times for extra attacks.

Super Combos/Hyper Combo
Shinkuu Hadouken - (Level1, Costs 1000 Power)
Sakura fires an enhanced version of the Hadouken forwards. Not as damaging as Ryu's, but travels very fast.

Haru Ichiban - (Level 3, Costs 1000 Power)
Sakura does a series of low spin kicks followed by a final kick that causes hard knockdown.

Haru Ramen - (Level 3, Costs 1000 Power)
Sakura runs forward. If she connects with the opponent, she uppercuts them into the air, then leaps after them and slams them down, finishing with a two-footed stomp to the midsection. If the initial run is blocked or dodged, she'll skid to a halt instead, leaving herself wide open.

Heart Moves
The initial version of Sakura is to serve as a test for the first of Capcom Heroines' unique system, the Hearts of Power. Sakura uses the tentatively named "Strong Heart" that emphasises aggression and attack.

Heart Surge: EX Moves (1000 Power Each)
Performing any of the standard special moves listed above with will cause Sakura to perform the EX version of that move. EX Versions cost as much as a Level 1 super, and thus should not be abused. They do, however, come with extra utility:
  • EX Hadouken hits twice and travels the fastest.
  • EX Shououken functions as it does in SFIV.
  • EX Shunpukyaku adds an extra kick that pops the enemy into the air.
  • EX Haru Kaze leaps directly towards the opponent's position.

Change of Heart: Combo Breaker - (1000 Power)
Sakura performs an uppercut that knocks the opponent away. The opponent is put into a "flipout" state that allows them to regain their footing afterwards, but leaves them at a frame disadvantage.

Heart Surge: Rage - , , (3000 Power at around 1/3 of life)
Sakura loses her temper, gaining a burst of otherworldly power. For ten seconds, Sakura's attacks gain a powerful damage boost. However, she cannot gain power during this state, locking off use of Super Combos and EX Moves. Sakura can end the state prematurely by performing a Rage Burst, an enhanced version of an EX Move with extra properties. She regains use of meter once the state ends, but cannot use EX Moves or Rage afterwards.

Stay tuned for partial excitement! :)
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Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#2  May 03, 2020, 09:57:01 PM
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It has begun.
Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#3  May 04, 2020, 09:24:58 PM
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Just a note to say that progress is going to be mostly pretty slow, but I'm working on getting all of her basic attacks down right now. I'll worry about more in-depth systems, like the Hearts and all the no air block and ground recovery, once I get moves in. I'll also probably want to add a custom juggle system into Sakura, since apparently MUGEN's default juggle points system sucks? But I don't plan for the game to have any crazy OTG stuff, so maybe that'd be unneccesary?

I've also made some changes to Sakura's movelist. To wit:
  • I've dropped the fireball charging mechanic. I know it's Sakura's thing, but it doesn't make sense for her to have it if she's going to be the Ryu of this game. Her base kit needed to be a bit more streamlined for that to work, Haru Kaze notwithstanding.
  • Shunpukyaku also got the same treatment.
  • EX Moves have been tweaked slightly.
  • Rage has received changes, mostly for balancing purposes. If this version of it doesn't go down well, I'll consider other options.
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Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#4  May 05, 2020, 09:11:51 PM
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Oh, glad you keep going Steel. Good luck. :)
Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#5  May 08, 2020, 04:36:00 PM
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All of Sakura's basics are done. At the moment, she still has the MvC-lite gameplay her template has. I'm still on the fence if I want to change it or not, but as you can see I've made some poor choices in what attacks to use :P

Please ignore the misaligned hitsparks and Ryu voices. I'm working to change/fix those, although the former is proving a pain in the ass. Also please forgive the bad recording, I'm having to re-learn CamStudio all over again after years of not touching it.
Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#6  May 09, 2020, 07:00:26 PM
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UPDATE: Some small tweaks have been done to Sakura.
  • Her damage values have been nerfed consirerably. She was originally taking off half a lifebar with a simple chain combo to air combo and that wasn't kosher.
  • All custom hitsparks have been correctly aligned.
  • I've decided to keep the "MvC-Lite" gameplay that was started by my Ryu template. Basically, I don't feel confident that I can implement a juggle system that isn't broken as all fuck. I've tried looking at the custom juggle systems others have implemented and they terrify me. So unless someone can explain them to me in a way that makes sense and that I'm confident I can implement it properly, I'll keep hold of what I have now.

The next update will bring her single command normal, a special move and possibly the Heart-specific EX move as well.
Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#7  May 16, 2020, 03:46:59 PM
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UPDATE: Sakura's single command normal is in. I also tweaked her block pushback values on her basics - some attacks were pushing a foe too far back, some were pushing a foe too far.

I'm currently working in implementing the Combo Breaker system, followed by her specials and EX Specials. Once I get at least the Hadoukens in, I'll have a video to demonstrate those. Also once again, apologies for slow progress - I've been in a funk all week, and had no motivation to work on this. I'll try to set some time aside tomorrow to get as much of this done as I can.
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Re: Capcom Heroines - Sakura (Alpha)
#8  May 17, 2020, 05:32:39 PM
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Permit me to explain what's happening here.
  • I had to change the timing on the Flower Kick to get it to combo from stuff. If people think that's a bad call, I can change it.
  • The reason for the red flash on the EX Moves is because those are tied to that specific Heart. The same will apply to stuff such as Combo Breakers and Rage Mode. Other Hearts will get different colours.
  • Combo Breakers are currently very beta at the moment. I'm thinking of changing the animation, or maye just making it a straight-up Zero Counter instead. But that depends on if people would prefer that the Combo Breaker be able to reset the opponent for pressure or not.

Feedback is welcomed despite how early in development this is. And sorry to leave you all hanging - I got into a major creative burnout for a few days and didn't feel like doing anything. I'm feeling better now, but please don't expect development on this to be rapid.