I have to know why! (Read 751 times)

Started by JoeStarX, November 21, 2019, 04:51:41 PM
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I have to know why!
#1  November 21, 2019, 04:51:41 PM
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Hey guys so I like using JUS characters on 1.1 3v3 but for some reason some characters especially those made by Shadow Mercer has this horrible black dots that appears on certain effects and I really want to know why its been driving me crazy notice the effects on Diavolo I would like to know why is causing this

Here are my mugen specs

 ;Set the game speed here. The default is 60 frames per second. The
 ;larger the number, the faster it goes. Don't use a value less than 10.
GameSpeed = 60

 ;Game native width and height.
 ;Recommended settings are:
 ;  640x480   Standard definition 4:3
 ; 1280x720   High definition 16:9
 ; 1920x1080  Full HD 16:9
GameWidth =1280
GameHeight =720

 ;Preferred language (ISO 639-1), e.g. en, es, ja, etc.
Language = "en"

 ;Set to 1 to draw shadows (default). Set to 0 if you have a slow
 ;machine, and want to improve speed by not drawing shadows.
DrawShadows = 1

 ;Number of simultaneous afterimage effects allowed.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 1).
AfterImageMax = 16

 ;Maximum number of layered sprites that can be drawn.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 32).
LayeredSpriteMax = 256

 ;Size of sprite decompression buffer in KB. Increasing this number may help
 ;if you experience slow performance when there are many sprites and/or large
 ;sprites shown over a short period of time.
 ;Minimum 256 for acceptable performance.
 ;If you set this too large you may also experience performance degredation.
SpriteDecompressionBufferSize = 16384

 ;Maximum number of explods allowed in total. Note that hitsparks
 ;also count as explods.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8).
ExplodMax = 256

 ;Maximum number of system explods allowed.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 8).
SysExplodMax = 128

 ;Maximum number of helpers allowed in total.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 4, maximum 56).
HelperMax = 56

 ;Maximum number of projectiles allowed per player.
 ;Set to a lower number to save memory (minimum 5).
PlayerProjectileMax = 32

 ;This is 1 the first time you run MUGEN.
FirstRun = 0

 ;Set to 0 to disable starting in debug mode by default.
Debug = 0

 ;Set to 0 to disallow switching to debug mode by pressing Ctrl-D.
 ;If Debug = 1, this will be ignored.
AllowDebugMode = 1

 ;Set to 1 to allow debug keys at all times. Otherwise debug keys
 ;allowed only in debug mode.
AllowDebugKeys = 1

 ;Set to 1 to run at maximum speed by default.
Speedup = 0

 ;Default starting stage for quick versus.
StartStage = stages/PDM_Training.def

 ;The video resolution defaults to the same as the game resolution.
 ;You can force an alternate resolution by uncommenting the lines
;Width  = 1280
;Height = 720

 ;This is the color depth at which to run MUGEN.
 ;Only 16 is supported at this time.
Depth =32

 ;Set to 1 to enable vertical retrace synchronization. Do not enable
 ;if BlitMode = PageFlip.
 ;Not supported in 1.0.
VRetrace = 0

 ;Set to 1 to enable fullscreen mode, 0 for windowed.
FullScreen =0

;Set to 0 to stretch the video to fit the whole window.
 ;Set to 1 to keep a fixed aspect ratio.
KeepAspect = 0

;Set to 1 to make the window resizable when in windowed mode.
 ;Only supported for RenderMode=OpenGL and OpenGLScreen.
Resizable =1

 ;Drawing mode
 ;Choose from Normal (fast) and PageFlip (less image "tearing")
BlitMode = Normal

 ;Screen rendering mode.
 ;System - default SDL rendering mode (e.g. windib in Windows)
 ;DirectX - DirectX 5 renderer
 ;OpenGLScreen - hack that allows window resizing but could be slow
RenderMode =DirectX

I tested this on OpenGL and OpenGLScreen and got the same effect
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