Jmorphman's Ryo's LVL1 Haoh Shokoken can do double damage... (Read 829 times)

Started by RagingRowen, November 17, 2019, 10:43:15 PM
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Jmorphman's Ryo's LVL1 Haoh Shokoken can do double damage...
#1  November 17, 2019, 10:43:15 PM
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At the end of the video, the Projectile does a whopping 275 damage, the timing is specific but it can be brutal.
My upcoming edit (AoF-Inspired) will buff the damage up to 400 and 300 when hit with a projectile, and when this bug occurs, it does like 731 damage.
Re: Jmorphman's Ryo's LVL1 Haoh Shokoken can do double damage...
#2  November 18, 2019, 07:32:16 AM
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Technically it's not double damage, just 1.5! :D

So basically, the projectile is set up so that it acts as if it was a two hit projectile, but looks on the surface to be a one hit one. If hits the opponent without colliding with anything else, it'll deliver its one hit and dissipate. If it collides with another projectile (let's say a single hit special projectile, in this instance) on the way, it'll lose a hit but continue on, and then hit the opponent, but will only deal half damage (because again, it's basically a two hit projectile, and its lost one of its hits). If it collides with, say, a 3 hit super projectile, it will exhaust both of its hits on the opposing projectiles and then fade away.

Unfortunately MUGEN sucks and projectiles are giant pains in the ass, especially when you have projectiles colliding while also hitting a player at the same time. In this particular situation, the Haoh Shokoken projectile hits the opponent normally, dealing the full amount of damage, but it also doesn't disappear like it should (because it's also hitting a projectile at the exact same time, and it thinks it should continue on). So, the projectile continues its projectile business and continues to moves forward with an active hitbox, and hits the opponent for half damage, because it thinks it's lost a "hit". After it delivers this second hit it will finally fade away.

This is not something that can be fixed easily; depending on how you want to approach things, you could recode the projectile to just behave like a regular two hit projectile and drop all the surface-level one hit business. The level two version of Haoh Shokoken already has this behavior, so it might serve as a good guide in this particular solution; I imagine it would be as simple as doing some copy pasting of the level 2 projectile code, and changing some bits around (like, reducing the number of hits to 2, modifying the damage, changing the velocity and size of the projectile to match the level one version, etc.), but don't quote me on how easy that might be, I'm just making a guess!

Alternatively—and this is really just me spit-balling on how I might approach this later on, when I get around to updating Ryo—is that it might be possible to have things so that the projectile always delivers 2 hits, but to have the first HitDef have NumHits = 0, and then not have a hitspark or hitpause for that first hit. I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink that would work? But I haven't tested it at all, and have no idea how this behavior would interact with other projectiles, so it's just a hypothetical!
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Re: Jmorphman's Ryo's LVL1 Haoh Shokoken can do double damage...
#3  November 18, 2019, 08:48:27 AM
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I hope to see a workaround when your update comes bud.