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Started by Miru962, July 23, 2020, 05:22:53 AM
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Miru's Patch Shop
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Here is the place where I post my various patches for the characters of other authors, which will enhance their controls while keeping the gameplay intact. I've gotten interested in Jmorphman and JustNoPoint's Explodsive buffering system, and so I added it to many of ELECTR0's characters as a patch pack, which you can download below. These patches should work without much issue, after I tested them for a few days:

To-Do List:

1. Make patches for Ken, Zangief, M. Bison, and Burnov when they're updated.
2. Look into SNK-style dashing system. (ADDED!)

Known Issues:

1. The command for Johnny Maximum's slide kick unique attack is messed up so that the controls reverse when he's on different sides. (now fixed 23-7-20!)

UPDATE 25-7-2020:

Added SNK-style dashing and sundry bugfixes and quality of life improvements, thanks to Jmorphman's help.

UPDATE 29-7-2020:

Fixed a bug with Tung's close roundhouse not working.

Update 4-9-2020:

Added Ray McDougal, as well as Kazecat's Jiggly and Twiggi, to the pack.

Update 5-9-2020

Updated to match ELECTR0's update of Ray.

Update 22-9-2020

Added a small bugfix to Ray's crouching Forward and Roundhouse
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