Weiss Schnee (Central Fiction Style) (Read 1050 times)

Started by Raynald0102, September 19, 2020, 06:52:22 AM
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Weiss Schnee (Central Fiction Style)
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Hi Everyone!
I made Weiss Schnee from Blazblue Cross Tag Battle in the Central Fiction's moveset.
For mugen 1.1 only.

- Universal Moves -
222A : Astral.
Y : Rapid Cancel.
B+C : Crush Trigger.
B+Y : Grab.
Z : Overdrive/Burst.
- Normals -
5A: Weiss's 4A.
6A : Weiss's 5A.
5B/5BB : 2nd - 3rd hits of her A autocombo.
6B/6BB : Her B autocombo.
5C : Original move. A sword swing simular to Es's 5C.
6C : Weiss's 5C.
jA :  Unused animation. A short poke.
jB :  Weiss's jA.
jC :  Weiss's jB.
j2C : Weiss's jC.
Crouch moves are the same as in BBTAG.
- Drive -
Weiss's drive concept

When using drive moves aside from 5X ,Weiss can cancel into different moves when she is need a black glyph depend on P1's input. She can cancel into 8A, 8B, 8C or 8X. All of them are overhead.

5X : Weiss's Ice shard. Hold down X to create black glyph, hold up to create glyph above Weiss like her 236B.
6X : Weiss's 6P assist.
4X : Weiss's 214A.
jX : Weiss's j214A.
j2X : Weiss's j214B.

- Speacial -
236A/236B : 22A and 22B but have a hitbox so can be use as an attack. Drive cancelable on block.
236C : Her DP.
236D : Weiss's 22C.

- Super -
41236A : Glacial Torrent.
41236B : Snowstorm. Original move. Create 4 glyphs senting ice shard at the enemy and turn into black glyph at the end.
41236X : Snow Flurry.

Download :
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