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Started by BurningSoul, July 07, 2019, 05:21:36 PM
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Re: Dudley by Buckus
#81  September 27, 2020, 02:24:46 PM
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Some late overdue feedback:
-His "Let's fight like gentlemen" intro and has no swing sound when he thrusts his arm like his taunt and two landing effects when he hops twice.
-Super jump is using the normal jump sound effect.
-Landing sound effect is still the old one used in PotS's older characters.
-Dodging sound effects are not the right ones.
-Jumping right after landing causes the landing sound effect not to play.
-There is no swing sound when he misses his throw.
-His kick throw has no envshake on each hit.
-There is no landing effect each time he touches the ground on Rocket Uppercut.
-The 6th to 10th hits of MAX Rolling Thunder has no envshake.
-There's no running dust effect when Short Swing Blow activates.
-Machine Gun Blow has too much knockback and the last hit can sometimes not connect.
-The last hit of Machine Gun Blow should be a strong punch hit sound effect instead of a medium one.
-EX Cross Counter, EX Short Swing Blow and EX Machine Gun Blow stops flashing yellow in the middle of the moves.
-EX Jet Upper will not register the 2nd hit if it connects (It only does when it's blocked).
-The hitspark on the first hit of EX Jet Upper is misaligned (Should be the same position as the normal ones).

I thought I downloaded a broken update as the super jump no longer works, but turns out it was an outdated version. I did just recently, but I still detected this issues after testing. I'll post more if I find anything.