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Started by KingVeloe, September 25, 2020, 08:43:21 AM
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Ab Hivemind:DonNeo
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I've kinda been trying to get this game project off the ground for some time.
I've put a lot of work into it and it would be dope to get some more people involved or maybe get some C+C?
I originally posted the game as a full zip file but it was too large so I guess a lot of people weren't interested so for now
If anybody wants to check him out here's my main creation from the project Don Neo
He's a Mobian/Neonian sonic based character who's abilities revolve around his rage.
He has access to a green nitro flame when he is enraged that allows him to pull off explosive attacks and combos.
When his bar is full he can fully let go of his anger becoming fully engulfed in the flames changing his move set.
Yet diminishing his life slowly as his rage puts a strain on his heart.
He also includes custom voice acting and some custom FX
Here's some screenshots of him in action:

Trust me there's more here then you see on the surface! While it might not be as good as GokuZ2 or
Some of the kick-ass KoF/SF characters on the site, It's got some pretty decent tech underneath the hood!
And I definitely want to make it a lot better!

I'm currently uploading on media fire but if there's a better site to upload I'll move it to that site no problem!
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