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Started by Long John Killer, April 09, 2015, 03:59:16 AM
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Re: Death Battle (And sprite fight animations)
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So neither of them.  Both Dragon Ball Super and Sailor Moon don't do much with either of them, despite their on-paper huge potential.  Seriously, Beerus does freaking nothing beyond setting a bar for Goku and Vegeta that got past a while ago, yet still he doesn't contribute much to the plot.  And Galaxia just kinda does what EVERY Sailor Moon antagonist does; brutally murders the Sailor Scouts, in this case melts Mercury and Jupiter into puddles of blood and instantly disintegrates the rest, then gets offed by Sailor Moon by a hand wave. (Not even, really, in the manga she self-terminates rather foolishly.  Sorta, will get to that in a moment.)

So for more details, DBC said they're using the manga Galaxia, not the anime one, which fine, whatever, they both were done at the same time but ended up with different versions of her.  So no transformation for her.  They are however basing feats on the Sailor Moon stage plays and radio dramas.  Which....right, those are things Takeuchi has done that are relevant to the canon, but what odd deep cuts to pull from.  I'm less familiar with them, but since the announcement Monday I went and re-read the final Sailor Moon arc to refresh my memory.

Beerus is so ridiculously dead.  One, she's immortal and immune to destruction.  Two, taking the manga version at its strongest, she also essentially has the Cosmos Crystal that Sailor Cosmos (Final form Sailor Moon at the end of time with the silliest story to be there; omnipotence among omnipotence, but she was feeling sad so she wanted to watch her past self at a pivotal moment to see if she made the right choice in life.) has.  Which in her own terms has the Lambda power of everything ever.  It's, well, omnipotence.  I say essentially though because she hasn't finished the rite to make it, but she still has every single Star Seed in the universe except Sailor Moon's with her all at once.  It's less Beerus versus Galaxia, it's Beerus versus the entire Sailor Moon-verse, minus Usagi herself.  Which hell, she has Sailor Saturn's power, Hotaru could just use the power of "Everything I want to die dies, including me but I get insta-rezed".

I suspect a low-balling of both of them, but even if they grant Beerus being able to destroy her body, he can't destroy the immortal, indestructible Star Seed and she'll just be reborn.  Though I suspect he can't even do that.  But despite being the lord over all destruction capabilities, her end in the manga still has her body somehow evaporated by touching Sailor Moon when she wasn't even fighting Galaxia, and moved on to Chaos?  Then her Star Seed just joined the rest at the center of Creation.  It's not really explained, but then the addition of Chaos and Sailor Cosmos at the very end, like, answered 3 questions and brought up 3000 more, so it's a perplexing end to the series.
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Re: Death Battle (And sprite fight animations)
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The match up for the next Death Battle was also announced in that DBX video. Beerus will be facing Sailor Galaxaia from Sailor Moon.

I get the feeling that what will happen is one fan base will be extremely salty after that fight (Probably the DBZ fans... doesn't the series only have two wins to their name?)

2 loss according to this

I guess they never counted Goku Rematch with Superman
Re: Death Battle (And sprite fight animations)
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Beerus' preview is up.

That domestication of cats trivia doesn't seem right.....are we not counting Egyptian cats as domesticated?  Just a weird line to throw in there.

Galaxia's turn now.
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