What MUGEN character(s) do you main? (Read 1196 times)

Started by Trackiest head, February 27, 2020, 10:23:08 PM
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What MUGEN character(s) do you main?
#1  February 27, 2020, 10:23:08 PM
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Basically the characters you master over the most or that you use the most frequently.
I’m personally OK with anything that is MVC, Melty Blood and the like but that doesn’t exclude much (except most KOF or Guilty gear-styled characters, I’m pretty inept with those). Anyways, those are my mains:

- Crash man (laspacho), the first MUGEN character I tried in my earliest experiences back in that summer of 2012.
- Zaku (NHK)
- Rainbow dash (Moku)
- Twilight Sparkle (Ra lord) (always on the 6th palette)
- Balert (machine heika) I use this to defeat the harder stuff
- Magma Dragoon (Darkwolf13, Gladiacloud, Beximus) ditto
- Air man (laspacho)
- DOWN (arti)
- Kobun 43 (ahuron)
- Dom (exclamation_question)

Not necessarily mains but are often used:

- Kinyo Roadshow (the_none)
- Zagi and robo-Len (ukege)
- Terry Bogard (tora)
- Jotaro Kujo (warusaki3)
- Hol horse (y.y)

I might try myself some of your mains for a bit of science.
Re: What MUGEN character(s) do you main?
#2  February 29, 2020, 04:15:16 AM
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Jman's King and Joe..and Chun. (Waiting for the Ken update to really start training with him as he was a major part of my CVS2 team back in the day)
Divine Wolf's Rock and Mai or Poison.
Terry Bogard by Vyn.

These are my go to's when I get my butt kicked.
Re: What MUGEN character(s) do you main?
#3  February 29, 2020, 12:49:09 PM
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I would have some CVS chars in my roster but my main gripe with CVS's (also aplies to many infinite/POTS characters) playstile is that in most cases the powercharge is done by pressing three buttons at the same but the issue I have is that for some reason my keyboard doesn't allow me to press three buttons at the same time. And playing with CVS playstyles without the hability to charge the power bar is a pretty annoying experience since those characters usually struggle to get power through whiffing.
That's why I usually avoid characters with that playstyle. At least until I figure out the issue with the keyboard.
Re: What MUGEN character(s) do you main?
#4  February 29, 2020, 01:07:15 PM
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Don't confuse Jman/DW chars with the Infinite style.  Jman chars and DW chars are more grounded and they use buffer systems for the inputs.
DW and Jman base their work alot on source Infinite's style is more arranged.
As for the power charge on the chars I mentioned is done by holdin mp and mk which is two buttons.

Give em a shot really well made chars.
Re: What MUGEN character(s) do you main?
#5  March 08, 2020, 07:38:15 AM
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since this thread is about what Mugen Characters that do you/we main, i Main Spider-Man (my version or others.) since he has been my favorite marvel character since i was still a child.
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