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Re: The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)

 November 09, 2022, 11:08:08 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in The spriters bounty thread. (more details in thread)  (Started by Kamekaze August 22, 2014, 01:16:12 AM
 Board: Graphics

Hey for some reason it is not allowing me to respond back to your DM,

You can't because you don't have enough posts (10 posts needed); it's to fight spam and to stop people who register here to derail/harass people. There have been cases of this happening.

Re: Mugen Programing/coding Academy

 November 01, 2022, 01:58:46 AM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Mugen Programing/coding Academy (Started by IKEISLEGEND October 28, 2022, 11:52:53 PM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

Wish I'd seen this before I spent €9000 learning how to code for Mugen.

Phantom Of The Server??? No Waayyy!!!! I loved your Charlie and Rare Akuma I rememeber when you first released them.... My brother showed me your chars he Loved your Charlie as well Its still the best cvs no groove style char ever..... BTW sry to hear you spent so much money on this.... But Im not sry because youved invested in yourself sir... This is whats required to do anything that is among great make, the investment in yourself.... Thus look where that investment brought you Pots Your one of the biggest name in The history of this community.... Everyone wants to be you match you, but since they aren't willing to make the investment in themselves they sadly will forever be in your shadow so to speak..... Tho with this Pots slogan going around p1 this is their desired position I guess...... Dont mind my rambling its my thank you and greeting again I loved your Charlie and Rare Akuma...

Wait, do you really believe he spent 9000€ to learn to code Mugen characters? :omg:

Re: Random animations for practice.

 October 29, 2022, 01:00:13 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Random animations for practice. (Started by Rabano October 29, 2022, 12:22:34 AM
 Board: Graphics

One thing I miss in Chucho is, even he has potential to create awesome stuff, he doesn't spends the needed time in one character. He has tones and tones of them, but none of them reaches the minimum of frames required to be a consistent character. Not bashing him, because as a fellow spriter I respect him.

I noticed that everytime Chuchoryu is mentioned, you keep saying this. To be honest it's not needed. This is about Rabano and his sprites. Please stay on topic.

I forgot to say that in one frame the viewer's left foot still looks bigger than in the other frames.
Also the light source is supposedly coming from above, but in certain poses of the frame the torso is lit when it really shouldn't, since the light wouldn't get to that part of the body.

Re: Random animations for practice.

 October 29, 2022, 11:33:23 AM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Random animations for practice. (Started by Rabano October 29, 2022, 12:22:34 AM
 Board: Graphics

I'll see, I want to do animations for other Characters beside Rashid.

Also I think his arms are not changing sizes, I just sucks as shading his arms and show some deep.

Not half bad.
If you were trying to make it CvS styled, though, I would suggest you to pick references from the game to make him more accurate.

Like you said, the shading is not consistent. Also yeah, I think the arms are changing sizes a bit, mostly the (viewer's) left one. The blur isn't necessary in my opinion.

Keep at it! :thumbsup:

Re: Animation curiosity

 September 19, 2022, 11:09:40 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Animation curiosity (Started by RustingStudios September 14, 2022, 07:41:10 PM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Development Help

Taken from a clean common1.cns:

Walk state:
Spoiler: code (click to see content)

if you read carefully, you'll see the ChangeAnim state controllers, which change the animation of the action you're performing, under certain conditions, called triggers. The value is the number of the animation and sometimes you'll also find elem = [n] where [n] is the element (frame) of the animation.

Run Forward/Hop backwards/Landing from hop backwards:
Spoiler: code (click to see content)

Jump states:
they're several so I won't copy them, but they're in the range from 40 to 52.

You can open the common1.cns with Fighter Factory (I suggest using Fighter Factory 3) or Notepad.

Re: What are some good programs to make spritework????

 September 18, 2022, 06:54:51 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in What are some good programs to make spritework???? (Started by Rabano September 18, 2022, 05:11:13 PM
 Board: Sprite Projects


Re: Kenshiro (Hokuto No Ken)

 September 05, 2022, 11:01:58 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Kenshiro (Hokuto No Ken) (Started by misterr07 September 01, 2022, 03:04:35 PM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+


Re: Street Fighter 6 (PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X|S/PC) (2023 Release)

 August 27, 2022, 10:13:59 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Street Fighter 6 (PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X|S/PC) (2023 Release) (Started by Kirishima February 21, 2022, 06:39:43 AM
 Board: Fighting Games

I feel like these OSTs are better in-game, while playing and fighting instead of listening to them in a dry way, alone.

Re: Random Topic V10

 August 22, 2022, 09:06:18 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Random Topic V10 (Started by Orochi Gill July 09, 2016, 05:00:44 AM
 Board: All That's Left

Hey so I'm looking at old posts and what the hell is filtered into "we are dumb fucks spamming this site for ten years" because I keep seeing this on old posts that definitely didn't have this before

I searched on Wayback Machine and it's the f-word against gay people. The word filter is probably because of that mugen site.

Re: DC vs MARVEL 8 bit

 August 21, 2022, 11:07:47 AM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in DC vs MARVEL 8 bit (Started by isela May 16, 2021, 07:09:29 AM
 Board: Projects

Press F12 for screenshots when playing Mugen.

Re: Dragon Gals

 August 20, 2022, 11:28:39 AM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Dragon Gals (Started by Tabris666 October 12, 2021, 06:58:09 PM
 Board: Hyper DBZ

(probably some guy thinking woman belong in the kitchen or something...kek)

That's what you think.

There have been tests about female characters from TeamZ2, but since you're not informed, you assume the worst.

Why did you bump this topic (after 10 months) just for complaining?
"HDBZ is bad because there are no girls" there's C18, and like I said there have been tests for other female characters too.
"Bulma is in Budokai" she's not in the game unless you play the training mode in Budokai 3 and if you cheat replacing her model with Videl in that game. Then you say people don't know stuff. Wow, she's soooo playable... with cheats.
"Bulma is playable on the DS with Launch" only in DragonBall Origins 1 and 2. And Fortnite too, but I don't count that since it's not a DS game and it's just a skin.

The problem in making characters isn't your misogynistic view on the game but it's time. TeamZ2 isn't made of robots, they're human people and they have lives, this is a hobby.

If you presented your ideas in a better way instead of jumping to weird conclusions maybe you could be helpful.
A little bit of respect goes a long way.

What do I mean by that?
- Presenting ideas with sprites, sketches
- Thinking about movelists
- Interacting in a civil way with other people in the community.

All you did until now here in this topic wasn't that.

Re: FeLo & Co

 August 19, 2022, 07:50:25 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in FeLo & Co (Started by FeLo_Llop April 04, 2010, 03:30:29 PM
 Board: Sprite Projects

He wasn't.
F. James Fernandez and SolBlaze were working on that.

Re: Kishio Collection

 August 19, 2022, 01:38:10 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Kishio Collection (Started by GreatFunk August 19, 2022, 01:54:34 AM
 Board: Creator's Vault

Copy and paste of the topic made by Manby... why?

Re: [No Theme Thread] All Pixels Unite

 August 18, 2022, 08:12:14 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in [No Theme Thread] All Pixels Unite (Started by HQ October 02, 2015, 12:53:10 AM
 Board: Graphics

Some recent pixels:

Re: DualSenseX

 August 03, 2022, 07:36:19 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in DualSenseX (Started by Fauxcry August 03, 2022, 11:58:23 AM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

To be honest, I don't recall many authors using the ForceFeedback state controller on their characters, the only time I've seen it used is in the common1.cns of KFM! :mlol:

Also, as the docs specify,
This controller is not implemented in MUGEN 1.0.

Re: Demongorne's sprites

 July 29, 2022, 09:50:17 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Demongorne's sprites (Started by demongorne July 20, 2022, 06:57:49 PM
 Board: Graphics

At this point you should just open your own graphics topic and post your sprites there, there's no real reason to post your sprites here or in the other themed sprite topics if you're refusing to follow the style of the themes themselves.

Since you didn't read my comment I'll post it here too. This is the third time I'm posting this.

From now on, you'll post your sprites here if you don't comply to the rules of the theme threads.

Spoiler: info (click to see content)

Re: Joey S. (Self-Insert) VERSION 2 Released!

 July 27, 2022, 06:15:26 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Joey S. (Self-Insert) VERSION 2 Released! (Started by Joey S. July 26, 2022, 04:28:55 AM
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Thank God you can't delete topics, you would censor stuff that happens just because "no drama plz". Sometimes you need to keep stuff up to let other people know what kind of people there are around.

Re: Garou Mark Of The Wolves 2 datamined

 July 23, 2022, 11:24:12 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Garou Mark Of The Wolves 2 datamined (Started by GTOAkira July 09, 2022, 01:07:09 AM
 Board: Fighting Games


Re: Forgotten Fighting Games

 July 20, 2022, 10:58:07 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Forgotten Fighting Games (Started by AJZ July 10, 2022, 03:32:51 AM
 Board: Fighting Games

I know it's a very long video, but I've never heard of many of these games so it might come in handy.

Re: Help: OSBExtract (for ripping sounds)

 July 16, 2022, 05:06:01 PM View in topic context
 Posted by AlexSin  in Help: OSBExtract (for ripping sounds) (Started by AlexSin June 09, 2016, 04:51:32 PM
 Board: Off-Topic Help

After six years I can finally bump this topic to say I learned how to do that.

First of all, I downloaded Microsoft Visual Studio. It takes a lot of time, a lot of space, but I installed it.
Then I opened the OSBExtract.sln and OSBExtract.csproj; I managed, one way or the other, to compile it (I did things at random). Basically there's a "Play" sign, you know, the sign in green.
It compiled the project, it was in the "Bin" folder, "Debug" folder, there you should find the OSBExtract.exe.

After that, you drag and drop the .osb file on the exe and it should make a folder with all the sound files.
Keep in mind that the sound files may have an altered frequency, nothing difficult to fix with Audacity though.

Also Microsoft Visual Studio required me to update the NET framework from 4.0 to 4.8.