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MOVED: Art of Fury 2 : Ultimate Garou

 January 08, 2024, 04:33:36 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in MOVED: Art of Fury 2 : Ultimate Garou (Started by JustNoPoint January 08, 2024, 04:33:36 am
 Board: Projects

This topic has been moved to Art of Fury 2.


Re: Art of Fury 2 : Ultimate Garou

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 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Art of Fury 2 : Ultimate Garou (Started by CCIronmugen January 04, 2024, 09:53:43 pm
 Board: Art of Fury 2

To remove the stupid mash to get up thing do this

Replace state 5100

; HIT_BOUNCE (hit ground) - redirect
[Statedef 5100]
type    = L
movetype= H
physics = N

[State 5100]
type = ChangeState
trigger1 = !Time
value = 5102

Place the code in 5102

Now replace 5110
; HIT_LIEDOWN - redirect
[Statedef 5110]
type    = L
movetype= H
physics = N

[State 0, ChangeState]
type = ChangeState
trigger1 = !Time
value = 5111

Move the old 5110 code to 5111

No more mash to get up fast!

Re: Fix all your command issues with the EXPLODsive Buffering system!

 March 09, 2022, 02:49:31 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Fix all your command issues with the EXPLODsive Buffering system! (Started by Jmorphman August 03, 2017, 09:52:01 pm
 Board: Code Library

I know of and agree with your input. The pause issue is the largest. I had developed a fix for it by making the helper detect the pauses and create the explods from there.
Then when the pause is over the root would continue making explods based on what had been created in the helper. The helper had to be able to see root explods and vice versa.

I spent 4 or so days applying the fix and testing before I got overwhelmed with how much buffer code I’d have to update. I do apologize that I didn’t finish this. Knowing I’ll be moving to ikemen I won’t have the same limitations and can have unlimited vars that can be read during pauses. I couldn’t press on with the update for my own mental well being lol

Endcmdbuffer would still be an issue but there could be a standard applied to make it applicable. And the state 52 thing could be easily applied if someone wished. No one has noted an issue so it seems fine.

Thank you for the feedback. The pause thing is pretty large but the characters that use normal mugen inputs are literally unplayable to me. So while the current system isn’t perfect it’s far better. I’m sorry my laziness prevented this to be as good as it could have been :qq:

Re: HitOverride (SCTRL)

 February 25, 2022, 08:31:54 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in HitOverride (SCTRL) (Started by JustNoPoint October 29, 2015, 11:32:46 pm
 Board: MUGEN Class

If you wish to have a helper be immune to reversaldefs be sure that theu have a hitoverride set for everything that you want them to be immune for.

Even if you have them without CLSN or nothitby

Re: ReversalDef (SCTRLs)

 February 25, 2022, 08:31:46 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in ReversalDef (SCTRLs) (Started by Ricepigeon September 18, 2015, 09:09:39 pm
 Board: MUGEN Class

If you wish to have a helper be immune to reversaldefs be sure that theu have a hitoverride set for everything that you want them to be immune for.

Even if you have them without CLSN or nothitby

Re: Helper (SCTRL) 1.0 + 1.1b

 February 25, 2022, 08:31:33 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Helper (SCTRL) 1.0 + 1.1b (Started by Odb718 October 13, 2015, 09:00:46 pm
 Board: MUGEN Class

If you wish to have a helper be immune to reversaldefs be sure that theu have a hitoverride set for everything that you want them to be immune for.

Even if you have them without CLSN or nothitby

Re: Jiren is here

 February 18, 2022, 10:54:42 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Jiren is here (Started by Iced December 25, 2021, 01:04:39 am
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

This should hopefully be the final beta update before he goes into 5.1

Pretty much all that's left is ai and some special intros.

Link to Jiren

And if you haven't been keeping up he won COTM for December! If you haven't done so please help support him for COTY!

Huge changelog from last update
Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty


Re: Jiren is here

 January 26, 2022, 02:29:30 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Jiren is here (Started by Iced December 25, 2021, 01:04:39 am
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

It's mostly on me for not being up to date with the game. I did hesitate before complaining about SLP, hehe.
It's always better to ask if intentional. Many times when I code I'm just speed coding for a short period of time and do stupid stuff.

Could be the worst dash in the game. It just feels odd without one. But it's just one opinion.
I had been considering adding it with his config.txt
I'll go ahead and do that for the next version. I get I could make it slow and not able to attack out of it. But I really like seeing people use his teleport dash to get in for ground throws and such. Another thought is to have him do his sHP if you input the dash command. It's pretty much his dash equivalent

Just for Jiren, really. And I did not just make that up. I know you're not making a Capcom game, but fire up Alpha or even Marvel VS Capcom and have Ryu and Zangief jump at the same time and you'll see.
I believe you. I'll run that by the team. It shouldn't be a big deal imo

I mean this:
What version of mugen are you using. Mine doesn't look like this and neither did Toni's.

I couldn't help but play a little bit more when I went to grab the screenshot, so here's a few more things:

- Many of his normal attacks hit even after being "reversed" (reversaldef). I don't know if that makes any difference in the full game, but in regular Mugen it means they go through autoguard, parries, etc.
That's right! Keep playing!!!
This is because most normals are using a helper for armor. I assume these moves are hitting his helper instead. This is another thing I am considering recoding when we get to ikemen since it makes armor easier. The current method is the standard armor all of our chars use if they have armor. Without making every anim 1 tic frames it's the best we got for MUGEN =p
- The red aura he gets in anti-projectile attacks is out of sync in the standing medium punch. Some other attacks as well, but only after they connect
Probably needs a ignorehitpause edit: well that's not it. The only thing I can think of is that the root's pause is making it get out of sync. It should be changing to the root's animelemno though so I'm not sure why it'd be getting out of sync.

[State 6666, 2] ;this will allow the helper to replicate the same animation than the root
type = ChangeAnim
triggerall = SelfAnimExist(root,Anim) ;prevent debug error on custom anims
trigger1 = Anim != (root, anim)
trigger2 = AnimElemNo(0) > (root, AnimElemNo(0))
value = root, anim
elem = root,AnimElemNo(0)
ignorehitpause = 1

- His safe fall anim (5200) seems odd and has the landing dust show up more than once
I'll take a look! Thanks for the additional feedback!


Re: Jiren is here

 January 25, 2022, 09:46:16 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Jiren is here (Started by Iced December 25, 2021, 01:04:39 am
 Board: Your Releases, 1.0+

Sorry for the late reply! I work Sat-Monday and didn't even notice you posted here until I was told in Discord yesterday after noon =p

Thank you for trying out Jiren!

- For some reason Simul mode completely breaks the character. Players constantly get stuck in custom states and such. At least with 4 Jirens
I finally threw 4 in there to see what happens and you're right! I'd gotten some reports these would break but thought it was a nothitby or playerpush issue. Which they were at one point too. Since my latest release of V4 I hadn't had any reports they were breaking. The issue is that one of the previous coders used a lot of enemy triggers instead of target triggers. Breaking the moves in simul. I spent the better part of today recoding those parts and it looks like I solved it. Watching 4 Jirens in simul didn't break anything (beside my ears)

- Is the forward dash missing because it's a beta, or because he's a grappler? Just asking because I'd vote against the latter
It's because he'd be too OP with forward dashes. His whole kit was made with not having the fwd dashes in mind. He was extensively tested with and without.

- "BOY!" and Stomping Crush could use a straight to the ground get hit animation, like in KOF or some of my chars
Can do!

- Standing light punch Clsn1 might be a bit insane
I can see why you'd think that. Jiren's Lights are Mediums, his mediums are hards and his hards are specials. The clsn1 isn't out of the ordinary for a medium in HDBZ and it's a 8F jab because it follows MP timings.

- Destroyer Fist wall bounce is too floaty
This uses the same general wall bounce code used in all chars.

- Fire Kick fire effects on the opponent persist even after he's up and running
If you are thinking the flames should go away after P1 or P2 has control that's not the case with these kinds of attacks in the game.

- Drop Kick has statetype = S for some frames after he leaves the ground. Can make him air walk if he's hit out of it
- Going with Street Fighter here, Infinity Rush could switch between light/medium/strong versions if you extend it with the respective button
- Infinity Rush shouldn't beat crossups
- Tidal Wave shouldn't display a 2 hit combo. EX version on the other hand could indicate more hits
I will make these fixes/changes

- Same thing with Justice Tornado
I didn't notice it was applying 2 hits

- Corner Justice Tornado > Tidal Wave looks like it should be a thing. At the very least with the EX versions
You have to be in his power mode to do these kinds of combos.

- Justice Tornado wall bounce trajectories are not very combo friendly
I'll play around with them

- Animation 40 could be one frame longer to help with the 360 commands
This would have to be applied to all characters as the consensus is they should have a universal timing.

- There could be an advantage to charging Defying Glare all the way, like unblockable or guard crush
- Defying Glare would look better staying planted in place while absorbing hits
- Defying Glare should not hit behind Jiren
I should be able to apply all these

- I noticed you can't input your own super commands during the opponent's super pauses
That's the only issue the Explodsive Buffering has. I actually solved this issue but it'd take a huge amount of time for me to apply the change. And after the next update of the game comes out I'm moving fully to Ikemen anyway. Which has easier solutions for the issue. So I decided not to waste days on the fix when I'll be moving anyway.

- Blazing Storm would have more potential if it did not knock down the opponent
I brought this to the team and testers and it was pretty unanimously thought that it'd make the move way too strong.

- Colossal Uppercut should not have armor on recovery frames
- Maybe add a PalFX to P2 to blend him with the Lv2 Magnetron Rage dome?
I should remove that from the LVL1 recovery.
I cannot add a palfx to P2 because that dome shares colors with Jiren. It's not always red/orange

- The punching full screen animation in Jiren the Grey is cut towards the bottom in 4:3 aspect ratio
You mean the speed lines?

- Could be able to cancel normal attacks into Justice Flex (I love the Arnold pose)
Funny enough the initial idea was that it was a special. At that point he could cancel it. But it got reduced to an alternative power charge and I don't think it should be able to cancel as such.

- Hellfire is another great idea
I'm glad you liked it! It was tough deciding what that should do. If MUGEN had the ability to poison it'd probably have done that instead. Proximity dmg to the flames.

- He regains a power bar after his finishers. Intentional?
I tested and I believe you are doing them while in power mode and you have 3 bars of meter.
In power mode all finishers no longer cost 3 bars. They cost 2.
This is another standard across all characters.

- I only bring this up because it's a full game, but, regarding the movelist, LMS is an odd abbreviation for the buttons. LMH is more common. Also, you shouldn't have pictures where strong buttons (red) are to the left of the weak (blue) ones. It's confusing.
I'll pass this along to Balthazar!

Re: MFG - Your Retrospective

 July 06, 2021, 11:31:58 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in MFG - Your Retrospective (Started by walt July 06, 2021, 07:50:24 pm
 Board: All That's Left

I was pretty worried. Like, I cannot code at all without MUGEN Class

Re: KoF XV

 July 06, 2021, 11:27:47 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in KoF XV (Started by Magma MK-II December 06, 2018, 01:30:24 pm
 Board: Fighting Games

The whole point of #ShatterAllExpectations is making the game look hella better compared to KOF XIV, and for that they need powerful machines to produce striking visuals.

Maybe further along the line they'll pump out a lower poly, slightly visually nerfed port like they did for Samsho  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
My no source - completely fanboy- headcanon reason for the shatter all expectations is that the last SFV char will be from KOF and KOF will have a SF team or even a rivals company team. Ryu, Kazuya, Shirase

Don't worry, this isn't a very high internal hype up so I won't be disappointed when it doesn't happen XD

Re: Hyper Dragon Ball Z: April 2014 initial release thread + discussion

 April 02, 2021, 02:51:05 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Hyper Dragon Ball Z: April 2014 initial release thread + discussion (Started by Iced April 05, 2014, 05:48:51 pm
 Board: Hyper DBZ

Hey guys. Can't believe it's already been 6 years. But I recently found this old build of HDBZ so I thought it'd be a good time to share it.
In 1999 it hit the arcades in prototype form, it never made much of a splash, lauded for its speed it was downtrodden with bugs and issues. It did however made an impact in whoever played this game, leading to a underground cult status.
The game was Hyper dragon ball Z and it rocked arcades for a few months before the rogue devs were taken in a shed and shot.  This is the prototype of that game, now found, showing the original release of 1999, including the very infamous Kid Buu, who was faced as the final boss and was able to counter just about anything you threw at him!

This is Hyper dragon ball Z, Prototype edition, this is PROTODEN!!!


Re: The Black Heart on Steam?

 October 23, 2020, 02:39:20 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in The Black Heart on Steam? (Started by The4ury October 22, 2020, 10:53:55 pm
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

No. As I said he couldn’t use mugen. He had to use ikemen.

Re: The Black Heart on Steam?

 October 22, 2020, 11:29:32 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in The Black Heart on Steam? (Started by The4ury October 22, 2020, 10:53:55 pm
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Discussion

Yep. It is using Ikemen and not MUGEN that is how he was finally able to sell it! :)

Re: On the TempesT situation

 July 09, 2020, 05:49:08 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in On the TempesT situation (Started by JustNoPoint July 09, 2020, 05:09:29 am
 Board: Feedback

Mfg itself just turned 18 so that’s not surprising

On the TempesT situation

 July 09, 2020, 05:09:29 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in On the TempesT situation (Started by JustNoPoint July 09, 2020, 05:09:29 am
 Board: Feedback

In the past few days, certain allegation have been made about a member of our community, TempesT. Before we can explain the situation in full we must address two misconceptions that some users seem to have:

- We do NOT take allegations of pedophilia lightly. The community naturally attracts younger users and we would not turn a blind eye to any allegation of grooming or other inappropriate behavior towards minors. Even if TempesT was an active member of the staff  we'd still investigate any claim that she's abusing minors. We'd never withhold information that one of our members is indulging in child abuse and would collaborate with any and all law enforcement agencies if we had knowledge anything unlawful was going on our community.

- TempesT is NOT a member of the staff. TempesT hasn't been a moderator on this forum for about a decade and wields no more power than any other regular user.

With that out of the way, this is the story.

Last week another member of this community, Crazy Koopa, made a public post detailing his romantic relationship with TempesT and stating she was deceitful and emotionally abusive. Other active and former members of the community have shared similar experiences while e-dating TempesT. This is her side of the story.

What immediately put us on frenzy was CK's allegation that TempesT was flirting with an underaged boy. We contacted him and others that were involved with Tempest and/or were present on the Discord server where these events transpired, and found a username for this child. Luckily we were able to find the boy and he agreed to talk to us.

We also had similar concerns brought up by an unrelated third party about a younger member of this very forum who also denied any impropriety or grooming. We will not be revealing the names of these two individuals here because we do not believe they deserve any harassment whatsoever and strongly suggest that anyone with that knowledge do the same.

Once we verified that the actual legal accusations were not accurate, we then began to discuss whether the other issue was worth a ban.

The consensus we reached was "no".

Ultimately, there was no monetary or material favor being exchanged save for those typical in a relationship, and the actions were those of legal adults. We do not believe it is our business to tell you what decisions to make in your personal lives, nor can we protect you from making bad ones. Being promiscuous or being a bad girlfriend are not bannable offenses.

We cannot protect you from yourselves.

As an example most of you may be aware of, lately we have had members that threaten all sort of self-harm in the public threads of this forum and we can only deal with that by suggesting that they take some time to get the help they need. We cannot protect them either, save in cases where they are clearly too immature to be involved in this forum at all.

Some of you will not agree with this stance, as you're personally invested either directly or as a friend to those, and it is your right to do so. We did not come to this decision lightly. This investigation has also been stressful to us and one mod has already stepped down due to being caught between all sides of it, but he was also crucial in verifying the accusations and we thank him for going above and beyond in the interest of making sure the minors who cannot protect themselves were okay. We had another longstanding staff member resign due in no small part because of the anguish this situation caused him.

Re: New Samurai Spirits announced

 June 24, 2020, 06:05:29 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in New Samurai Spirits announced (Started by Roman55 September 10, 2018, 12:58:40 pm
 Board: Fighting Games

They could have added a more well known knight. My statement wasn't actually a defense. I will even admit that my personal hype went down just a bit when I found out he wasn't a new SS knight char because if he's fun he won't ever even get to come back.

Re: New Samurai Spirits announced

 June 24, 2020, 05:16:52 am View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in New Samurai Spirits announced (Started by Roman55 September 10, 2018, 12:58:40 pm
 Board: Fighting Games

When I saw the trailer I didn't know the Knight was a guest char and I'd never heard of For Honor. I thought it was cool they were putting a knight in the game. For people that don't know anything else about him they could think the same and how he actually plays will determine if he was a good addition or not.

Re: Hdbz current status 2020

 June 03, 2020, 05:59:25 pm View in topic context
 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Hdbz current status 2020 (Started by Iced June 02, 2020, 10:21:52 pm
 Board: Hyper DBZ

To add to that we were intending on waiting at one point. But due to everything a full build release has been drastically pushed back. So instead of radio silence for another year + we decided to release as the chars are ready so that when a full build release comes again they will be more solid.

Re: Judas STUFF

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 Posted by JustNoPoint  in Judas STUFF (Started by [Judas] July 10, 2012, 09:42:15 pm
 Board: Graphics

Nah don’t worry about it. It stopped being about the money ages ago. The ghosting across multiple sites for many months was the main issue. I can’t access anything on PayPal before 2017 but your country may have different laws then mine about removing transaction info. It’s nothing you need to send money to me over. As far as I’m concerned this is resolved. You’re a great artist and your work is worth money. So I hope you’re where you say you’re at now and good luck on your commissions.