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 Posted by KTeknis  in Introduction Thread (INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO THE COMMUNITY HERE) (Started by shin. [OFWGKTA] July 07, 2007, 01:29:07 AM
 Board: Introductions and Guides

Is it okay to post here, I'm not gonna get banned for Necropost right?
btw, my name's KTeknis, I had toyed with MUGEN before, each using different versions, and now I'm trying IKEMEN GO.
I once used "that controversial website" before to download some stuff, but now apparently I can't access here, error 1020 they said. I think they IP Ban me for inactivity or they found out that I had a second account? I now have to find another way to get some of the character I usually downloaded there, but I think that's for another topic in another section.
I just like to toy around with MUGEN, trying out other chars and typically don't have any vision to my "release". Now I'm trying to my IKEMEN works, for some reason it's kinda unstable and prone to "not responding".
PS: That's a lot of Verification question to register and make a post that it feels like I'm doing an exam. I heard that there was some spam attack before so I guess this is to try to avoid it?