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Re: KOFE 2019 Feedback and Glitches

 February 10, 2021, 04:35:39 AM View in topic context
 Posted by Destroyal  in KOFE 2019 Feedback and Glitches (Started by swipergod August 05, 2018, 06:22:07 PM
 Board: King of Fighters E

A few notes to keep me on track:

- Tung missing mid and head binds for standing hitstate
- Andy missing mid and head binds for state 5070
- Vanessa, Maxima and Mary updated for Ramon special intros
- Shiki getting new blowback attacks and sprite fixes to run, air block and dive kick
- Shiki gets her old follow up attack after rush in attack
- Fixed Leona's follow up attack to her dash slash
- Ryu basics changed for Gouki update
- Fixed Nakoruru glitch that allowed her to use bird moves during bird recovery

Any News About Raiden???!?!?

How I make this effect?

 January 16, 2014, 10:10:24 PM View in topic context
 Posted by Destroyal  in How I make this effect? (Started by Destroyal January 16, 2014, 10:10:24 PM
 Board: M.U.G.E.N Development Help

    Hello, I want to know how i make this light effect in stages mugen.


Re: The King of Fighters Supreme

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 Posted by Destroyal  in The King of Fighters Supreme (Started by Destroyal January 08, 2014, 06:57:06 PM
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The King of Fighters Supreme

 January 08, 2014, 06:57:06 PM View in topic context
 Posted by Destroyal  in The King of Fighters Supreme (Started by Destroyal January 08, 2014, 06:57:06 PM
 Board: Projects

Hello , I 'm a programmer Mugen , and I like to bring people together to a closed design, so I would ask if it is in order to participate, the project name is King Of Fighters Supreme and it boils down to :

                                                                             The King Of Fighter Supreme - Teams

Hero Team
Kyo Kusanagi / Benimaru Ninkaido / Goro Daimon

fatal Fury
Terry Bogard / Andy Bogard / Joe Higashi

Art Of Fighting
Ryo Sakazaki / Robert Garcia / Yuri Sakazaki

Foreign Team
Li Xiangfei / Hotaru Futaba / May Lee

Psycho Soldiers
Athena Asamiya / Sie Kensou / Chin Gentsai

Kim Team
Kim Kaphwan / Koehan Chang / Choi Bounge

New Ikari Warriors
Leona Heidern / Ralf Jones / Clark Steel

Female Team
Mai Shiranui / King / Chizuru Kagura

2000 Special Team
Vanessa / Seth / Ramon

New Faces Team
Shermie / Yashiro / Chris

Special 97 'Team
Ryuji Yamazaki / Blue Mari / Billy Kane

2002 Heroes
K ' / Maxima / Whip

Supreme Fighters
Iori / Mature / Vice

distint Team
Rock Howard / Bone Jennet / Gai having

The Sports Team
Heavy D ! / Lucky Glauber / Brian Battler

2001 N.E.S.T.S
Kula Diamond / K9999 / Angel

Separated Team
Bao / Hinako Shijou / Momoko

hallucinating Team
Ash / Shen Woo / Oswald

The Deadly Team
Eiji Kisaragi / Kasumi Todo / Lin

diferent Team
Cat Futaba / Elisabeth Blanctorche / Duo Lon

The Masters Team
Saisyiu Kusanagi / Takuma Sakazaki / Heidern

The Clone Team
-1 Kyo / Kusanagi / Kyo 2

The devasting Team
Mr. Big / Geese Howard / Wolfgang Krauser

Solo : Shingo Yabuki / Foxy / Nameless / Jhun Hoon

The Possessed
1 Sub Bosses : Orochi Iori / Orochi Leona

Orochi New Faces
2 Sub Bosses : Orochi Chris / Orochi Shermie / Orochi Yashiro

                  The Fortress Team
Bosses 1 : Mukai / Adeilhed Bernstein / Magaki

                    Boss - 01
2 Bosses : Orochi / Leopold Goenitz / Rugal Bernstein

Boss - 02
3 Bosses : Igniz / Clone Zero / Krizalid

Almost Dream Bosses
4 Bosses : Dark Ash / Saiki / Gustav Munchausen

semifinal Bosses
Bosses 5 : Loved Sinobu / Original Zero / Nightmare Geese

The Seal of Dreams Boss Team
6 Bosses : Final Orochi / Omega Rugal / Krizalid - 2

Secret : Jun Kagami / Miu Kurosaki / Griffon Mask ( Tizoc ) / Shion / Reiji Ogami

Secret 2 : Jyazu / Sho Hayate / Duck King / Silber / Shion / Moe Habana

Secret 3 : Lien Neville / Alba Meira / Luise Meirink / Maki Kagura

Secret 4 : Malin / Nakoruru ( Special For Gameboy Kof 95 ) / Diamond Candy

Please understand , it is not a game created from scratch , my goal is to gather chars good breeders , and give a special touch to all of them good because it is a closed project , which will not be available to the Mugen community believe that there are no major problems .


about :

The King of Fighters Supreme , was designed as a complete King Of Fighters , with all the characters , but more balanced and fair as possible , it relies on the following systems :

Gameplay: 2002UM / XI / 96 / 98UM

That the whole can be summarized as : Bearing style 96 ' System of Special and maximum burst combo system with cancel A 2002-style , and loading style 96/97/98 .

Bowling style K.O.F 96 ' .

Overflow system K.O.F 2002 UM

Load the bar system.

Its gameplay is designed to be extremely balanced , but with a high likelihood of combos .
your system for easy access and high speed, makes sequences of buttons , pop style 2002 UM and cancel 's completely makes , fan so there is an endless array of combos , your system HP is designed for which several counter and breaks combos . He was completely adapted to the bearings and counter coups have taken advantage of their ability possible for the player to feel its lightness , and enjoy its speed and high dynamics .

Combo example.

Being a King of Fighters as complete as possible , however we need spriters Maker , so you can give a new life to the characters already forgotten eg : Miu Kurosaki Reiji Ogami , Jun Kagami , Moe Habana .

Miu and Jun.

But even needing a few adjustments to your sprites , they are in-game , and this thanks to the Fight Factory which helps us with the sizes of some sprites , our goal is that all the characters , stages , and effects they are standardized and ready for use .

Like any other game in the series King Of Fighters , this should contain beautiful portraits , screens winners and characteristic effects of the series as the famous red and white fabric to lose , and white screen when the team is defeated .
Your portraits should be unique and beautiful to see the creators , and their big potraits min should be beautiful and attractive to players .

Winner Screen.

Big Portrait XI.

Specialty Supreme: Understand , like all the king of fighters have their systems skills , and some special skills , the supreme king of fighters is no different . It will feature a unique skill system , known as skills Supremes . Understand that we will not take in any way special style 2002 UM , will add just the same for characters who do not.

Logo King of Fighters Supreme.

Supremes : These are skills that the cost of 5 bars of special , perform a skill with a boot 70-80 % hp , but for it to be executed , it is necessary to have less than 20 % of Hp and learn the correct sequence .

Extinctions : Skills that are usually pluck 50-60 % Hp opponents , and usually can only be used for combos .

Supremes # Skills : Generally they contain a beautiful animation and more time consuming than usual, but it is always effective in relation to damage and blows , no changes .

Extinctions # Skills : Skills are generally quick and very effective , with unique animations , but UPS may be the same , making the user lose your skill bar , but if used well , can be up to 3 follow-ups , depending on the course character.

This Screenpack was created especially for me by Hloader , one of the most popular creators Screenpack , good, do not know if you still operates in Mugen area , but if so , it will be an honor .

Remember , if meet other creators , spriters , programmers , designers and / or the like , please ask them to notify us .

Again , I ask you to spread this message in related forums creators , and all, thanks.

Video :

Site In progress :

Some sprite progress :

Select Screen :

~ ~ Destroyal

Skype : eriick.souza / Yamata No Orochi