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Super Clash Bros Crossover - retro fangame like Smash + Mario Crossover + SMBX

 July 08, 2019, 07:39:01 PM View in topic context
avatar  Posted by ClashDev  in Super Clash Bros Crossover - retro fangame like Smash + Mario Crossover + SMBX (Started by ClashDev July 08, 2019, 07:39:01 PM
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Hey, thought you all would like this fangame I've been working on the past few years:

I'm focused on adding mod support so that you can:
  • Make your own levels and campaigns with in-game editor (like Mario Maker/SMBX, with overworld screens like Super Mario World).
  • Add character & level skins. This includes swapping out sound effects, music, healthbars, etc. Skins will work seamlessly when joining online matches too: You'll automatically get other player's skins and they'll get yours.
  • In-game mod browser to get skins/levels/campaigns right at the character select screen, seamlessly with just a button press. No restarting or leaving the game. All mods are compatible with each other.
Here's some battle mode gameplay of an earlier build:

And here's most of the characters I'm planning:

You can play an early WIP demo here:
Lots of things messed up with this build though. It will not remain that way. For example, the characters have way too much health for adventure mode, that's because I'm still transitioning the game from a battle-focused game to a more single player/co-op focused game (although I may by default have them with low health for battle mode too). They also don't get their super items where the star power up is, because right now they only get them as comeback items in battle mode. Lots of other issues/missing stuff. Will get fixed.

This game is super ambitious but I don't care. I like working on it and I'm not stopping anytime soon. I expect to still be working on this several years from now along with the eventual full 3D (split-screen) successor.

And I have a Steam Edition in the works which won't have infringing content, instead the characters will be swapped with basic template sprites, meant to be replaced with mods, plus it'll have indie characters:

Thanks for any feedback!