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Started by Amidweiz, December 04, 2015, 05:50:59 AM
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Amidweiz's edits
#1  December 04, 2015, 05:50:59 AM
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Hello, this is where I'm going to put my edits of other authors characters. I might update some of these from time to time and feedback is welcome.


Slash by Inverse

  • Improved his CLSNS (both red and blue) NOTE: these aren't accurate CLSNS but practical?
  • Made him 1.0
  • Made him more combo friendly
  • Changed some of the commands (Super mode is Y+A instead of X+Y+A+B, Overhead slash is only Y+B now)
  • Added armour to the darkness slash (Sort of like Ralf's galatica phantom) and made it so you can only use under %50 life (I used life % 50 to compensate for the life options in the options menu or file)
  • Set power to 7000 because that what it was like in source
  • Added automatic power gain (yet again what it was like in source)
  • Removed AI (To compensate for the changes, If someone wants to AI patch this character go ahead I don't mind)

Changes are in the readme



Burn to the ground, an edit of one of RockRage8962 MLP Fighting is magic stages by amidweiz and FLD

Originally meant for a series I was going to do but I never came around to doing it.


An edit to sakuya izayoi's stage from Immaterial and missing power by choiyer

Made this edit during when I was doing BAMT3½.

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Re: Amidweiz's edits
#2  December 04, 2015, 09:34:05 AM
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This is really good so far. The only problem I could find is the sounds in one of his winposes don't seem to loop correctly as it should (where he gets chased down by Fernandez's)
Re: Amidweiz's edits
New #3  December 07, 2015, 12:32:37 AM
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I have added some of my edits to stages and I'm not exactly sure how to fix the problem with the sound not looping with slash yet. (I have just recently got into character coding)
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