Bleach Lifebars (Updated 11-01-2011) (Read 27717 times)

Started by Dope, November 02, 2011, 03:40:26 AM
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Bleach Lifebars (Updated 11-01-2011)
New #1  November 02, 2011, 03:40:26 AM
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List of Updates
- Round font changed.
- New Fight logo.
- New KO logo.
- Win icon colors updated.
- New F1 kill win icon.
- New win text font.
- New hollow skull center piece.
- Combo font updated.
- 13 announcer sound packs to choose from; 12 Bleach announcers and Tekken 6 announcer.

Single Mode and F1 kill win icon

Turns Mode

Simul Mode


- johnny916. Ripped some textures for me from the Bleach wii game Versus Crusade and that's what I used as my base and edited upon for the combo fonts and lifebars.
- Ziltama. I used his Comic16sm font.
- Xinos. I used his Tekken 6 sound rips for the optional Tekken announcer.
- Drex. I used his KOF XIII rips to make my KOF XIII font.
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