Earthworm Jim and all ClayFighters are updated!! (Read 7125 times)

Started by Bad Mr. Basara, August 19, 2021, 04:13:36 AM
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Earthworm Jim and all ClayFighters are updated!!
#1  August 19, 2021, 04:13:36 AM
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Your favourite worm is back!! Groovy!!
Earthworm Jim has been updated with the 2 pending claytalities from 63 1/3 now finally recreated in MUGEN: Knock Off Top Half (cutted in half, 7710) and Squeeze Claytality (bloated up, 7780). These states come from Darkstalkers, so technically both claytalities can be executed on DS chars and get the expected effects than in my CF chars. For those ones who don't get these states (which are the 99%), performing them will make different effects: Knock Off Top Half will make the Launch from MUGEN instead, and Squeeze will stretch your char on width (just like Squish do with height). However, the Squeeze is still on works, may cause some bugs, so any help is welcome to fix it ;)

Also, the other ClayFighters has been updated as well, but just with minor stuff:
All CFs
-Added anims for 7780 (bloated up) and 7710 (cutted in half) states to be fully compatible with Jim and his claytalities (soon all will get them too)
Blue Suede Goo
-Changed the c to y button for throw commands, now follows the line of my other chars
-Also added the 7689 state anim for Squish Claytality, ripped from the game just as the 7710 one
-Now the palette 12 has a proper Frosty palette finally (I forgot to add this in readme XD)

My two upcoming characters, Octohead and Nanaman, will get these states to be compatible with Jim, there're very advanced now so expect a release of some (or both) of them soon. And before you ask, my other CF chars will have these two new claytalities, you'll be seen it soon ;)

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Re: Earthworm Jim and all ClayFighters are updated!!
#2  August 27, 2021, 12:34:40 AM
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Itty Bitty Combo Update!!
All CF:
-Changed anim 7712 into 7713 to be fitted with the Bisected standards (7710s)
-Added 5888 anim (stuck in ground) to all chars (it had just few of them only), compatible with DrKelexo's Deathmask and Butch's Ground Stuck claytality
-I forgot to update the 1.0 CMD and CNS, now the new claytalities can be perform in the 1.0 version, sorry ;P
-Fixed the Squeeze Claytality, now can be done well (also changed the close for few steps)
-Updated the readme with a better english XD and more credits