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Started by TTA, June 26, 2013, 12:59:28 PM
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Erza Scarlet
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Looking nice I will feedback you soon...
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I almost jizzed in my pants when I thought she would go second origin release. Still downloading this awesomeness.
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Re: Erza Scarlet
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Tried her already.

I feel she's VERY underpowered. Granted, she can chip damage with all her attacks, but her attacks inflict very poor damage. Even her Level 3 super only inflicts 350 damage which is too few for a Level 3 Super (normally they inflict over 450 damage), just to say an example.

Her ground.hittime is also too short, which can provoke her to be VERY prone to opponent attacks. You should increase it a bit more.

Opponents can air recover instantly from her attacks. Some of them should be either air unrecoverable OR take longer to recover.

Her way to attack is pretty much simply, as you can stand block all her attacks.

That's all the feedback I can come up with. for now.
PotS said:
That they don't just restrict themselves to my style.

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