GameMakeAnim (SCTRLs) Deprecated (Read 2002 times)

Started by Ricepigeon, September 29, 2015, 07:32:11 PM
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GameMakeAnim (SCTRLs) Deprecated
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Creates a game animation, like a hit spark or a super charging effect. This controller has been superseded by Explod and is now considered deprecated. Support for it may be removed in future versions.

Required parameters:
Optional parameters:
    value = anim_no (int)
        Specifies the animation number (from fightfx) of the animation to play. Defaults to 0.
    under = under_flag (int)
        If under_flag is 1, the animation is drawn behind the character sprites. Defaults to 0 (draw over characters).
    pos = x_pos, y_pos (float)
        Specifies the position to display the animation at, relative to the player axis. Defaults to 0,0.
    random = rand_amt (int)
        The position of the animation will be displaced in the x and y directions by (different) random amounts. The displacement can be as large as half of rand_amt. Defaults to 0.

Additional Notes:
Because this SCTRL has been deprecated by the implementation of the Explod SCTRL, and may be removed in later updates to the engine, its is not recommended to use this controller. Instead, those wishing to use GameMakeAnim can use the Explod controller as each parameter is equivalent to the following parameters in the Explod SCTRL;

value -> anim
    NOTE: to replicate the effects of GameMakeAnim using Explod, the value of anim must be preceded by an 'F' (e.g.: F8000)
under -> sprpriority & ontop
    NOTE: if under is set to 0, ontop must be set to 1, otherwise ontop must be set to 0 and sprpriority set to a negative value.
pos -> pos & postype
    NOTE: postype must be set to p1 to replicate the effects of GameMakeAnim. The pos parameter is the same as in GameMakeAnim
random -> random
    NOTE: unlike GameMakeAnim's random parameter, the Explod SCTRL's random parameter takes two arguments; an X value and a Y value

[State 2000, GameMakeAnim]
type = GameMakeAnim
trigger1 = time = 0
value = 8000
under = 1
pos = 20,-20
random = 0

[State 2000, Explod]
type = Explod
trigger1 = time = 0
anim = F8000
ontop = 0
sprpriority = -5
pos = 20,-20
postype = p1
random = 0,0

Both SCTRLs above are equivalent to each other.
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