Juri with a hybrid SF4/SFV moveset (Read 3019 times)

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Juri with a hybrid SF4/SFV moveset
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Currently I'm making a full sprite sheet of Juri (SF4 appearance), and things are still slow in progress. I've always dig her gameplay design, and making a version of her for Mugen would be great imo. I'm a fan of her character in both games so I can't help it but to try to make it a reality, but also couldn't help but think of how her gameplay would be like.

Before, my idea was that she'd be purely how she was in SF4, however ever since her SFV reveal I've been toying with ideas to come up with a hybrid moveset that would mesh both her SF4 and SFV moveset into one, more specifically her special moves. Reason being that instead of making one character be just like they played in one game, why not just come up with something that would make them more than, essentially, just a direct adaptation?

Before I start with my ideas, here is her special moves from SF4 and SFV, along with super moves, with brief descriptions to how they are in game:

Spoiler: SF4 (click to see content)
Spoiler: SFV (click to see content)

With how different she is in SFV, I thought it would be a bummer to left out the things she got in that game when I finish her sprite sheet and gets converted into Mugen. Sure she did lose some of her stuff from SF4 to her SFV appearance, but I do feel the new moves she got could only improve a Mugen version of her.

In the spoiler below, I'll put up my hybrid moveset idea for her that mixes the two moveset from both games. It not only has additions, but also changes/tweaks to her general moveset to provide what I feel would be a true gray area between SF4 and SFV, along with that I'll put up a "Personal comment:" section below the proposed changes to get a good idea of what I had in mind.

Without further do, here it is the proposed hybrid moveset:

Spoiler: Hybrid moveset (click to see content)

Phew, it took quite a while to write all of this down... hopefully there'll be some feedback on this, so what do you think about this hybrid moveset for her?
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