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Started by Just No Point, September 30, 2015, 04:06:58 PM
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movetype (CNS)
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Part of the Statedef
This is the type of move P1 is doing: "A" for attack, "I" for idle and "H" for being hit. To leave the movetype unchanged from the previous state, use a value of "U". The value is assumed to be "I" if this line is omitted. "A" and "H" should be self-explanatory. "I" is used for states where P1 is neither attacking, nor being hit. For example, an attack state should have the line:

movetype = A
You need to specify the movetype so the program will know how to process the state. Incorrectly specifying the movetype may cause P1 to act incorrectly.
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Re: movetype (CNS)
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To expand on all of these

I is nothing special. Does not cause any automated code at all.
A player is able to actually deal damage when a hitdef is active. A hitdef cannot be active in I or H movetypes, it does nothing if this is the case.
H the player will take damage if hit (for example custom states, the damage function will actually take effect, unlike I or A where it doesn't matter if you got hit beforehand, if movetype isn't H in the custom state no damage will be taken automatically.

Also to be noted. Guardstates all use movetype = H but are hardcoded to take the values from the guard portion of damage. There is no way to access this value at all, and these are the only states where that particular piece of code takes effect.

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