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Started by Vorse_Raidier, December 31, 2019, 08:19:33 AM
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PC Elemental Lopunny
#1  December 31, 2019, 08:19:33 AM
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Politically Correct Elemental Lopunny, no vore, no 18+ content

I would like to thank Wicloud for fixing the palettes and Endercreeper for the base character.

This project took about 9 months to develop, adding in several new moves and mechanics while overhauling others.


Elemental Lopunny summons the elements of fire, frost or lighting to claim dominance on the battlefield. Use heavy punch and heavy kick to enter elemental shift then forward for fire, backward for ice and down for lightning. The current element is display in the upper corner of the screen as Mystic, Valor and Instinct respectively.


When in ice form, Lopunny will prefer to stay at range, relaying on summoning (up to three) snowflakes with quarter circle backward, medium punch to empower icy burst which summons an additional flake for every flake summoned by ice flake and air ice flake. These flakes gain farther utility via light kick or medium kick to send them hurling into her opponent. These moves require setup time and should her enemy be reluctant to wait, Lopunny has a number of deterrence measures from meeting them head with whirlpool to greeting them with a counter Icy hammer. You know, I’m NOT going to tell you how to play, have fun and enjoy.


Other Limits:

I try to keep this short, this character has been built for 1.1 although 1.0 can be used to a lesser A.I. (has something to do with ailevel not wanting to play nice with 1.0). There are plenty of combos that become harder to complete as the combo becomes longer, but be sure to save a hyper at the end for maximum damage output. There are a few things to keep in mind when comboing to avoid frustration.


You cannot use rest while in fire more


Fireball becomes combustion after setting your opponent on fire for instant damage at the removal of burn for that combo.


Snowflake summon is limited to 3 flakes not including the flakes from Icy wind or Ice pins.


Snowflakes summon can be launched using light or medium kick and will be lost if left idle or if Lopunny takes damage while in idle state


Thunder requires a set thunderune to use or a charge gain randomly while comboing your opponent.


Shockwave (lighting dash), ice flip kick, fire kick, and fire spin are limited to a combine total to 3 uses per combo.


Barriers such as Ice wall, reflect and the more offensive fire mine are all on the same cooldown and cannot be used while another is active.


Burning hi jump kick and anti-air punch are limited to 2 per combo.


Strong jumping hard punch has a bounce so long as the juggle combo is below 10 hits and not already used


launching kick loses effectiveness after a juggle combo above 5 hits


Heave Ho! Only works once per combo


Brutal swing losses combo bounce after a juggle combo of 10 hits or higher or already used


dynamic punch has hyper armor but the link into burning finger does not


submerge is hit-able by any low attack


fire spin and whirlpool are immune to projectiles


burning targets (caused by fire special move the require charge or power) can be detonated via fireball key (conflagration)

Elemental Mega punch can be used as a guard counter (requires 1000 power)
Re: PC Elemental Lopunny
New #2  December 31, 2019, 08:24:15 AM
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I would like to ask which element is you favorite? Tactical Mystic, Precision Instinct, Or Burning Valor?

Update 1/1/2020
Lightning kick will cause knockdown after 2nd use in same combo
reduced Hp gain when using rest.

Update 1/4/2020
Updated Ai
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Re: PC Elemental Lopunny
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