Sagat718 - Custom Sagat *UPDATED 9/25/16* (Read 7117 times)

Started by Odb718, May 07, 2016, 12:05:45 AM
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Sagat718 - Custom Sagat *UPDATED 9/25/16*
New #1  May 07, 2016, 12:05:45 AM
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I've always considered Sagat my main. But over the years Capcom just hasn't released an amazing beast of a Sagat. (IMO)
I decided a while back I'd wait to edit my Sagat until I was pretty good at editing. I finally got around to him.

Download from Host-A or Right Click and Save As HERE!  UPDATED 9/25/16

He's got an Air Fireball. (pic 4) Not sure why he's never had one. Has he and I just missed it??
You can also do an Ultra version and EX version of it.

He's got a new level 3 ultra. (pic 2) It has a few possibilities.
#1 you do nothing and it's a regular Raging Demon. 17 hits. (pic 5)
#2 you punch and it's an uppercut. You can time pressing kick to spear kick P2 while he's falling.
#3 you kick and it's a tiger knee. You can time pressing punch and it's a fireball punch with no fireball.

I've custom made some walking sprites for him. It's very hard to notice but his walk backwards animation looks a little better.

I stole the Teep Kick from M206 (with permission) and reshaded it a bit. It's B+c. It's not the prettiest sprite(s) on the planet but I love directional attacks.
Other graphical changes here and there. I _think_ I may have sprited a different basic air attack. I know I've done a few for a few characters. CBF to verify it.
He can pop up and do combos, he's got a push block, parry, power charge, roll,
Oh he's got a running charge punch attack I made. (pic 1) Running press z and he'll do a double arm out attack. If it misses Sagat stops running. Sagat will also stop running if he pushes P2 into the corner.

If he's at level 3 and full health his chest will glow returning to state 0. Which is pretty often.
Custom win poses depending on health/power/if the raging tiger hits.

He's always been a fireball machine. He can perform a high to low, or low to high with faster timing, IF you time it right. (it's not that hard)
You can get a two hit combo if you throw a slow fireball -> med/fast fireball.
You can combo from a full screen slow fireball to running attack.
Ultra moves are done backwards from the originals, because of EX moves getting in the way.

I used Master Gouken's Sagat as the base, & tried to shove as much into this Sagat without getting excessively cheap. The Raging Tiger might be... I haven't tested against humans but the PC's evaded and countered it. And not the complex AI.

If you guys feel something's off, let me know. I'll try to adjust it.

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Re: Sagat718 - Custom Sagat
#2  May 07, 2016, 08:42:11 AM
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Man I can't wait to try this


Re: Sagat718 - Custom Sagat
#3  May 07, 2016, 06:10:54 PM
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Right off the bat, i think it's kinda weird he doesn't have a launcher. (or at least from what I can tell, he doesn't)

I threw him in an A.I match vs himself and it was honestly a pain to watch :/ his A.I distances you and then spams his low-high tiger shot till he gets a meter then does the super version of it, and when you're up close to him, his constant dodge/parry to tiger kick is pretty annoying, his A.I in my opinion needs a complete overhaul or to just be removed because he's really spammy and watching him fight against other characters couldn't be too great either.

I also adapted a portrait by hades to work with your sagat so he has a better small portrait, and I also made a new super BG portrait for him, mainly because I'm not a fan of the art you picked. feel free to use them if you'd like :)

Spoiler, click to toggle visibilty

get them Here
Re: Sagat718 - Custom Sagat
#4  May 07, 2016, 10:39:51 PM
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Right off the bat, i think it's kinda weird he doesn't have a launcher. (or at least from what I can tell, he doesn't)
B+z for the launcher. B+c for the Teep Kick. F+y for an alt MP.  F+y -> B+z usually connects well. The Launching game for Sagat, like Dhalsim, is a pretty narrow hit box. It's hard to focus on it as the main strategy.

The slide in image isn't the greatest, I'll agree. I was thinking about knocking it down to the 16 colors in Sagat's palette. I spent a good long while looking for an image most Sagat's hadn't used.

Editing the AI seemed to be a big pain. When I originally started the character I tried to gut the AI out. It'd crash the character. I checked and checked for whatever I missed but couldn't find the reason. I usually dont mess with AI. But I did just do Ermac's AI. I may have to try my hand at Sagat's.
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Re: Sagat718 - Custom Sagat
#5  September 25, 2016, 10:27:34 PM
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I've made a small update.
Sagat has a new crouching kick. I've replaced the standard crouching fierce kick with one based off of SFV's animation.
Thanks to @aperson98: for the outline, I was able to mimic the kick.
I've adjusted the ground velocity of the kick. It also reaches about 7 pixels further, so it may be possible for new combos.
I was thinking about making it a directional input attack, but the fact that CMK and CFK were the same sprites I decided to replace the animation.

In SFV the kick is for CMK. When I did the animation the movements were just too fast for the cmk timing. The speed worked much better as cfk. The animation works for a trip. Similar to Chun Li.

If you're only interested in the new animation, you can find it here
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