King of Fighters - Uncanny Match (Read 4331 times)

Started by NDSilva, December 02, 2018, 05:35:21 PM
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King of Fighters - Uncanny Match
#1  December 02, 2018, 05:35:21 PM
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Hello :8):
I had this crazy idea stuck in mind for a while, and I'm finally starting to make something out of it; so it's safe to post here.

To further explain:
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In short, I just want to see a game that merges the best of KoF 2003, XI, XII & XIII in a cohesive, balanced way. But beyond that, it would also incorporate stuff from the spinoffs/crossover titles from that period, which shared a good portion of elements w/ this period of KoF - regarding style and some other technical stuff. That means SVC Chaos and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum will also be taken into account. :D

With all that said, here's my try at picturing a ideal roster for a game of this theme:

All fighters that were playable in the aforementioned games, and are directly tied with KoF - including Garou, Buriki One, AoF, Savage Reign, Metal Slug, and even ADK and World Heroes (ya know they almost made it into KoF '95? And well, since they also appear on the Unlimited Match backgrounds, I'll considerate them)

What's gonna be actually made?
Well, as a single human, I can't make an accurate projection of how much of my free time a big project like that requires. But I can have some fun with this "uncertanity" by making some stretch goals and see how far everything can go. :) And with a time length calculation in mind, I gonna call those stretch goals...

  • Short-Range project: release a screenpack, share my ideas for the roster, and just have fun in the classic way w/ a MUGEN compilation. :kugoi:

  • Mid-Range project: do some optimization work to the compilation - make all chars share the same system FX using the common cns, fx and snd. Maybe do some little tweaks here and there. :karate:

  • Long-Range project: make an enhanced system with guard break, drive gauges, tag mechanic and add EX moves for all chars. Also build up in-game VS and Victory screens that make use of the enhanced system features. :yuno:

To further proof my interest in getting this done somehow, here's what I have done with the screenpack until now:

It's got some cool features, already :]

Well then, just wanted to put this out of my mind. I gotta work slowly on things, as I have other MUGEN projects to accomplish.

All in all, has anyone been interested on a project like this?
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Re: The King of Fighters: Uncanny(?) Match
#2  December 06, 2018, 02:03:59 PM
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I had a roster planned too for this before, but without SNK vs. Capcom Chaos, Neogeo Battle Coliseum characters and also the guest characters in King of Fighters XI. Here is my roster planned, but I can't figure out a few characters to be in a team though :P:

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Re: The King of Fighters: Uncanny(?) Match
#3  December 06, 2018, 11:26:31 PM
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That's interesting :]
I like the way you lined up the different FF and AoF characters! I got some headaches figuring out this speciffic part. :P

Two ways to consistently add the rest of characters in the roster would be either, add them as a 4th member of the already stablished teams, or pair them up w/ themselves in some "Customs Teams" ala 98UM.

I messed around with the roster concept some more, to consistently remove most of the alternate chars slots. I ended up using both of the aforementioned ways to line it up. :P

Alternate versions of characters will most likely be coded within them and be selectable via different palettes, similar to how it works in 98/2K2 UM.

(Took this opportunity to include Cyber Woo btw)

So the updated screenpack now looks like this:

The first version of the slots is still avaiable in the data folder; so just replace them if you want to.
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Re: The King of Fighters: Uncanny(?) Match
#4  December 07, 2018, 05:17:43 AM
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That's interesting :]
I like the way you lined up the different FF and AoF characters! I got some headaches figuring out this speciffic part. :P
I am glad you like them :) I am not sure if the new face team and rugal are counted since they also appear in the nests saga dream match too even though they are not involved in the nests saga storyline since they are dead during the Orochi Saga :S
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Re: The King of Fighters: Uncanny(?) Match
#5  December 10, 2018, 07:22:46 PM
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Why no Angel or Samurai Shodown characters for this one, Silva?

Was there a consideration for Eri and/or Fio from Metal Slug? Fio was a guest fighter in The King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2.
Re: KoF - Uncanny Match
#6  December 18, 2018, 06:09:59 PM
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Fio is a nice character in Maximum Impact 2! :lugoi:
But, as far as I know, none versions of Fio avaiable in Mugen takes a considerable amount of base on her Maximum Impact appearance. I'm not willing to get so much far from my planned schedule, regarding characters and move sets.

About the new faces team, Rugal, Angel... I actually got to reconsiderate their inclusion, because of KoF Neowave - even though this spinoff is essentially just a revised version of the 2K2 roster... I think it's still worthy to note that this game was developed during the Ash saga, afterall: between KoF 2003 and KoF XI release dates.

So... turns out it's fair game to implement this game into the dream match! That means Angel, Saisyu, Seth, May Lee, Yashiro, Chris and Rugal got their spot on the roster; as well as the "Orochi" new faces team and "Young" Gesse variations being considered.

(ended up taking Cyber Woo out... yea, sorry :|)

So I think this is the definitive roster. Thank you guys for providing me feedback for that. :kugoi:
Now it looks way more consistent than the previous versions, if not only by the fact that I managed separate all the "sections" of it pretty well:

1 - Hero Team
  - K' Team
  - Ikari Warriors
  - Anti-Kyokugenryu Team

2 - Fatal Fury Team
  - Art of Fighting Team
  - Agents Team
  - Anti-Fatal Fury Team

3 - Ash & Elisabeth Team
  - South Town Korea Team
  - Psycho Soldiers
  - Women Fighters

4 - Rivals Team
  - Outlaw Team
  - Girls Team
  - High School Students Team

5 - Plot (Single Entries)

6 - Another World Entries

7 - Guest Fighters

8 - Final Bosses

Actual game progress was made as well. The revolutionary wallpaper & loading screen is finished, the template fighter in there was correctly adapted to the screenpack, and the game itself is showing more vivid colors - now that I just figured out you can run OpenGL in Safe Mode, and have a game w/ properly indexed colors and no crashes. :) (from my part at least)

Here's the select screen in all the graphical glory it was intended to be:

Btw, new lifebars! It's basically KoF 97 HD bars released by k6666orochi, but with some edited elements from KoF 2003.

DL link remains the same.
All sources for the recent stuff are credited in the readme file.
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Re: King of Fighters - Uncanny Match
#7  January 25, 2019, 06:33:37 PM
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So, those are my picks in regards to the ground base of every character for the fullgame; chosen by avaiability, and by how similar they are to the source games previously mentioned.
The original authors of these characters will be credited, of course! Both in a readme file as well as in the game's ending.

The work I'm current planning is, to basically optimize their file size by making all them share the same system FX of the common1.cns and it's respective SND. As well as adjust their commands to a single, consistent system.

Speaking of the system, I think I'm gonna be using Tatsu's Add004 for the lifebars and tag system afterall! It's easy to adapt a character on it, and looks pretty good enough.

I made some slightly changes to make it look closer to the recent KoF games:

Seriously, thank you Tatsu/Shiyo Kakuge, for creating such a improved fighting system for this simple engine. ;D

Wanna see this build more in-depth? Well, here's a simple compilation with everything as of now!
Re: King of Fighters - Uncanny Match
#8  January 25, 2019, 11:10:43 PM
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Looks like everything is decided. I wish you the best in this endeavor.