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Started by JustNoPoint, October 09, 2015, 06:01:23 AM
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The sprite standard
#1  October 09, 2015, 06:01:23 AM
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Required Sprites

Every character must have what is called "required sprites". These are sprites that you may not necessarily be using for your animations, but must always be included in the character's SFF. These sprites are necessary for your character to appear correctly when thrown.

  • Use only these standard frames when making a action in the .air file that characters beside yourself will execute. For example, getting thrown animation.
  • The horizontal component of "Axis" means around the center of the character, unless specified otherwise

Standard getting hit

  • You MUST follow the numbers exactly.
  • Axes labelled "where feet would be" should have the axis approximately between where both feet would be, if the character was made to stand with his center of gravity fixed in the same position as that required frame
  • Axes labelled "midsection" should have the axis around the waist area
  • Axes labelled "head" should have the axis in the middle of the character's head
  • Some numbers, such as 5000,1 to 5000,9 are for you to add intermediate frames if you choose to do so.
  • See Diagram for an example of how the sprites should approximately look and where the axes should be placed.
Frame Description Axis
5000,0 Hit high while standing, head back slightly Feet
5000,10 Hit high while standing, head back more Feet
5000,20 Hit high while standing, head back far Feet
5001,0 Frame 5000,0 Midsection
5001,10 Frame 5000,10 Midsection
5001,20 Frame 5000,20 Midsection
5002,0 Frame 5000,0 Head
5002,10 Frame 5000,10 Head
5002,20 Frame 5000,20 Head
5010,0 Hit low while standing, bent over slightly Feet
5010,10 Hit low while standing, bent over more Feet
5010,20 Hit low while standing, bent over far Feet
5011,0 Frame 5010,0 Midsection
5011,10 Frame 5010,10 Midsection
5011,20 Frame 5010,20 Midsection
5012,0 Frame 5010,0 Head
5012,10 Frame 5010,10 Head
5012,20 Frame 5010,20 Head
5020,0 Hit while crouching, head back slightly Feet
5020,10 Hit while crouching, head back more Feet
5020,20 Hit while crouching, head back far Feet
5030,0 Hit back, head back slightly Where feet would be if standing
5030,10 Hit back, head back far Where feet would be
5030,20 Hit in stomach with body horizontal Where feet would be
5030,30 Hit back, body horizontal Where feet would be
5030,40 Falling, head down slightly Where feet would be
5030,50 Falling, head down far Where feet would be
5031,0 Frame 5030,0 Midsection
5031,10 Frame 5030,10 Midsection
5031,20 Frame 5030,20 Midsection
5031,30 Frame 5030,30 Midsection
5031,40 Frame 5030,40 Midsection
5031,50 Frame 5030,50 Midsection
5032,0 Frame 5030,0 Head
5032,10 Frame 5030,10 Head
5032,20 Frame 5030,20 Head
5032,30 Frame 5030,30 Head
5032,40 Frame 5030,40 Head
5032,50 Frame 5030,50 Head
5040,0 Fall and hitting ground Ground-level (eg. back)
5040,10 Lying down on ground Ground-level
5040,20 Hit while lying on ground Ground-level
5041,0 Frame 5040,0 Middle of body
5041,10 Frame 5040,10 Middle of body
5041,20 Frame 5040,20 Middle of body
5042,0 Frame 5040,0 Head
5042,10 Frame 5040,10 Head
5042,20 Frame 5040,20 Head
5060,0 Hit up, head pointed up, body vertical Where feet would be if standing
5060,10 Head pointed down, body vertical Where feet would be
5061,0 Frame 5060,0 Midsection
5061,10 Frame 5060,10 Midsection
5062,0 Frame 5060,0 Head
5062,10 Frame 5060,10 Head
5070,0 Thrown, body tiled forwards slightly Where feet would be if standing
5070,10 Thrown, body tiled forwards far Where feet would be
5070,20 Thrown, body horizontal, head in front Where feet would be
5071,0 Frame 5070,0 Midsection
5071,10 Frame 5070,10 Midsection
5071,20 Frame 5070,20 Midsection
5072,0 Frame 5070,0 Head
5072,10 Frame 5070,10 Head
5072,20 Frame 5070,20 Head



Sample illustration of required sprites and axis placement.

See Also Special State Numbers
Re: The sprite standard
#2  October 09, 2015, 07:27:45 AM
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Please note. It has been mentioned that the falling sequence is not accurate to the game. This is often entirely true. However you should still FOLLOW what is here so other people know exactly what the sprites look like when they are using custom animations.

You can customise your own air file as much as you wish by adding extra frames that adhere to none of these standards. They aren't there to provide an accurate gethit anim from any specific game. They're there to provide a solid base to any animation you might add, and guarantee that your opponent can reference specific things in their own custom states. If that doesn't happen, certain custom animations will look screwy because you decided sprite 5030,20 shouldn't be the guy lying on his back in midair.

It doesn't even matter if the sprite doesn't officially exist. Find a way to approximate it, put it in and never have it included in your characters animation file. Your opponent may need it at some point.

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Re: The sprite standard
New #3  October 13, 2015, 04:16:51 PM
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Here are the recommended sprites and groups to use for CVS2 characters.

Do not forget to make the head and waist versions as shown in the 1st post's Diagram.

The community standards for CVS2 specific animations are as follows.

With 5000, 5010, 5020-30 many authors use the head and waist variants as well. IE 5011-30, 5012-30

5950 is for cheap KO, and does not require a CLSN. 5955 is for a general collapse animation, and requires one. I don't know if anyone besides JMorphMan is using 5955, but they should, because there are characters who have moves that cause collapse but can follow up those moves with another attack, before the opponent falls to the floor. Using 5950 is a crapshoot for that, because most characters don't have any CLSNs for those animations! And some characters have different cheap KO and collapse anims!
cheap KO:

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