not complete char downloads? (Read 646 times)

Started by mugennoob77, June 17, 2008, 05:40:36 AM
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not complete char downloads?
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Re: not complete char downloads?
#2  June 18, 2008, 12:31:56 AM
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Put all the files in a folder named "mastrhnd", put the folder with all of the contents into the folder called "char" in your MUGEN. Then go into your Data folder, and open a file called "select.def" scroll down until you see a "randomselect". Replace the randomselect with "mastrhand" and then save. Installing other characters is the same way.

Make sure the folder isn't like a folder inside a folder. When you open the character's folder, you always want to see it's DEF file. In this case, the DEF file is called "mastrhnd.def"

MHand.def - Old version. Primary purpose used
to create moves before adding boss armor code.
* To use, put mastrhand/mhand.def, or rename
[/mastrhnd] folder to [/mhand] and add in
character select.def file.

MastrHnd.def - Final version with boss armor code.
Reccomended for an accurate final boss battle.
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