100$ Scratchy Coding Commission (Read 493 times)

Started by Carmell, October 01, 2020, 06:36:02 PM
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100$ Scratchy Coding Commission
#1  October 01, 2020, 06:36:02 PM
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Finally reached the point where Im ready to hire a coder for my new release.

This is a remake of an old character and for the most part you'll just be matching his functionality to the original version. I added bigger sprites and reset the scaling and pretty much everything broke. So for the most part if you take the job you'll be doing realignments, but there is some new stuff for the character I'll be wanting as well such as a custom double jump animation and new sweep move that changes velocities and one of the Supers needs to have its functionally changed from a weird juggle to more like an inescapable throw. If the AI needs realigning then I want that too. The guts of the AI and basically everything are already in there for you to work with. I want some other minor things as well but hopefully they wont be too hard.
I'll screenshare with Skype or even draw you diagrams if you need them to help you understand what I want.

It's hard for me to guess how long this would theoretically take. The original coder built the entire character from scratch in like 3 hours but Im not going to hold you to that standard, but if you think it'll take you more than 2 weeks I'd rather just hire someone else. Im pretty laid back when working with someone as long as they keep a clear line of communication open.

I'll pay you 100 bucks through paypal upon completion. PM me or just straight hit me up on Facebook