Modding Bonus Stages to be forced 1 round in Arcade (Read 11642 times)

Started by Carmell, August 14, 2023, 10:42:56 pm
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Modding Bonus Stages to be forced 1 round in Arcade
#1  August 14, 2023, 10:42:56 pm
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So I find bonus stages pretty handy as a fill in for round 1 when Im testing out characters. If you fight someone on round 1 you cant get a true sense of their difficulty because of the way Mugen is coded. I usually play POTS Catwalk though sometimes I've used others.

The thing is I think pretty much any bonus stage wears out it's welcome after the first round. Now I could of course set all rounds to 1 but that kinda defeats the purpose of using it as a fill in.

I've seen some people account for this by having their bonus stages, just auto defeat if youve suceeded on round 1 but thats not really what I want. I just want it to bypass the round coding completely.

I've seen a couple Darkstalkers characters bypass the 2 round system for it's own system. So it seems like what I want should be possible. Perhaps it's as simple as just pasting some altered system code into the character but I wouldnt know the what and where to copy paste.