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Started by The Aboriginal One, May 10, 2009, 11:39:55 PM
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Automation, it works for you!
#1  May 10, 2009, 11:39:55 PM
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Being a lazy bastard, I want things done, and I want them done fast.

I'm Brandon M. M. Green. My mugen tag name is The Aboriginal One, and I'm here to make things fast for you, and all you need to have is:

An Emulator
ArtMoney ( If the emulator has no cheat abilities, or if it's not adequate enough),
A Screen Capture Program ( If the emulator does not have Avi Video capture abilities, which few do),
A Video Editing Program,
And Animget ( your Video Editing Program does not have image saving)

The first thing you need to do is set up as you normally would to rip your sprites: resize the emulator window, Take off the background layers, disable the 2nd player, or go to a bonus game, and force center yourself using cheats are some suggestions.

Now, while capturing your game play using built in video capture abilites or an external screen capture program (not Animget, not yet!) perform all the moves of your character, re-enabling the second player if you need to do throws and such.

Pretty simple, huh? Now you have an avi with ALL the moves of your character. Take it to the video editing program and chop some frames that you do not want, like a bad attempt, a repeat of a move, or a long pause. Chop untill immediately after the last move is the next move.

Pretty butchered, but still with all the moves, all you have to do now is go to animget, start capturing, and simply replay your butchered movie. Animget checks and sees if the last picture was different than the others, and if it was, it saves it as a bmp.

If you use Virtual dub, you do not need Animget. simply go to File-> Save image sequence and you can use that to save your frames.

There you have it, you have every frame of your character the way you like it. Try it out!
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