SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7) (Read 1602 times)

Started by yamme, September 16, 2022, 02:05:58 AM
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SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7)
#1  September 16, 2022, 02:05:58 AM
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Current Version: v0.7.7

Hey there. I needed a place to dump my game that isn't Twitter or Discord, so I decided to make a thread here. After a bit of a hiatus, I decided to work on it a bit more and have plans to add more fixes and other stuff. I'll post such additions and changes on this thread.

For those who are unfamiliar with the game, it is built on some old modified version of IKEMEN Plus and might be a little user unfriendly at times. I've included guides for such situations should they come, along with some other guides regarding the gameplay itself and other things.

To any that decide to give this game a try, feel free to leave any feedback or bug reports in this thread.

I don't really have a demo video for the game as a whole, so I'll just leave some Trial Mode demos in the spoiler below if you want to see some
gameplay footage.

Spoiler: Trial Mode Demos (click to see content)

Spoiler: Important Things to Mention (click to see content)

Download the game here.

You may also join the Discord Server if you wish.
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Re: SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7)
#2  September 16, 2022, 07:04:00 PM
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Game is pretty good. I really like the general feel of the game (hit sounds are important).

Some feedback after fooling around with it for a bit:

- Setting up a gamepad is a pain, but that's not really your fault
- I think back dashes could have invincibility, or at the very least be considered airborne (for those that stay on the ground)
- zoffset should be the same for all stages. All camera properties in fact, but this one is the most noticeable
- The mall stage at least needs more floortension
- Jump start should have velset = 0, 0
- Throw direction could be decided with Z or C (like KOF) since you're not using C
- Could use a smaller guard spark for normal attacks
- The throw spark reminds me a lot of a guard spark. A bit confusing at first
- Charge B, F motions let you finish on DF. Not sure if deliberate
- Trading fireballs builds meter
- DP input window could be longer than QCF

- Tatsumaki feels like it travels a bit too low to the ground
- Hadouken loses sprpriority when it hits (applies to more fireballs in the game)
- Shinku Tatsumaki dust effect seems vertically misaligned
- If you do a point blank Hadouken, the hit spark appears behind Ryu

- Not a fan of his air fireball changes. But at least it's different
- He walks too fast even for a fast walker
- Same deal about Tatsumaki height, but even more so
- Sprites lack one gi shading color. I figure they were ripped with default, dark palette

- Weird to have his spinning back knuckle come out by holding back. You normally want to use it while walking forward
- Opening Gambit initial PosAdd seems like too much

- Could use his Final Bison fierce as a command attack, since having one is a big deal for combos
- MAX supers are really good in this game, but even so his feels like too much
Re: SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7)
#3  September 17, 2022, 12:50:08 AM
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Thanks for givin the game a shot! I responded to whatever I could, but it ended up being the great wall of quotes so I'm puttin them in spoilers.
Spoiler: System Stuff (click to see content)
Spoiler: Ryu Stuff (click to see content)
Spoiler: Akuma Stuff (click to see content)
Spoiler: Guile Stuff (click to see content)
Spoiler: Bison Stuff (click to see content)

If I didn't respond to somethin here, I probably just went and fixed it, or jus didn't really have a good response. Your feedback is appreciated nonetheless! Any changes will be appended to whatever I had in store for the next update.
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Re: SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7)
#4  September 17, 2022, 09:00:46 AM
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Do games commonly use diff guard sparks? The guard spark is a lil big admittedly (its edited from a vs game effect) but I dunno if I could find one similar enough to what I'm using.
They do. It's typically one for all normals and one for all specials/supers.

Is there a way to have that not happen (without just removing the getpower entirely)?
You're going to need to do the poweradd manually, yeah. This is a bug in 99.99% of Mugen chars (that use helpers) that I only noticed a couple months ago. Normally not a big deal, but I think in a full game it should be fixed.

Evidently I did not really reference the actual heights it went in the games at the time I created Ryu, but I at least made sure it went over just about every conventional fireball. As a result, it also means it's more likely to hit some crouching opponents.  Dunno if it's a problem, but I'm a lil scared to change it and break any combos or somethin like that.
Not a big deal. And I figured you already balanced things like that.

I assume you mean how he pushes himself backwards in the air? It was a trait I took from his appearance in Street Fighter EX, which also allowed him to cancel the move into his divekick. I thought it was neat enough on it's own, but you did give me the idea to spread the different kinds of properties to each move strength. For example, light version could freeze him in the air and carry his momentum after he launches the fireball, medium could carry momentum the whole way thru, and heavy could be what it is currently. Might end up doing that, since changing the fireball angle just looks odd to me.
I only remembered it's like that in SFEX after posting. In fact, between the screenpack and the gameplay, this game feels the most like SFEX out of anything I tested.
Still I think most people would prefer carrying momentum or doing a tiny pause midair.

The animation is already used for his Guard Breaker, but I guess it's not really a big deal to reuse. Even so, I made sure he was capable of decent combos without a cmd normal, so I think he'll be okay.
I missed that. Then I take back my suggestion as it already looks good there and using it twice would be confusing. Still maybe you could make it a point to have at least one grounded command normal for everyone.

Another thing I just remembered is that Rugal's barrier not having an EX version sticks out.
Re: SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7)
#5  September 23, 2022, 02:05:13 AM
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To me, this game has one of the best Ryu's ever. Part of it is the character itself, and part of it is the integration into SVC EX's unique system that makes him stand out to me. I also love the SFEX voices, I wish the voices got a slight volume increase.

Besides that, whenever I used to play this game, the soundtrack would literally get me pumped as fuck. I love the soundtrack in this game. I don't have much other feedback at the moment but just wanted to drop a few thoughts.
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Re: SNK vs Capcom EX Update Thread (v0.7.7)
#6  September 23, 2022, 09:18:29 AM
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A few more things:

- Crouching attacks can't carry dashing momentum because crouching stops the chars immediately
- Hauzer could have less sprpriority than other chars
- Dead-End Screamer and Bonne Super Bomb could have their animations sped up
- Evil Ryu could have a separate movelist like Shermie
- The kanji on Akuma's back is sometimes backwards
- The pause after KO and before win poses is a bit longer than normal
- Frame data for jumping light attacks should be more consistent. A few chars have old school jumping lights (a ton of active frames) while the others don't. This is a non-issue but I thought you might want to fix it

I also love the SFEX voices, I wish the voices got a slight volume increase.
I thought so too. I think it's a combination of low wav volume with high BGM volume. It's very noticeable when they speak in their win poses.

I don't have much other feedback at the moment but just wanted to drop a few thoughts.
I'll quote you but this is a general remark about the forum and not directed at you. I think people should post more often about how they like or don't like a release. You don't have to break down every bug for it to be feedback.