[IZ Style] Toyosatomimi no Miko released, Three characters updated (09/04/21) (Read 48177 times)

Started by Ricepigeon, March 28, 2020, 01:30:18 AM
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Re: [IZ Style] Four characters updated (03/14/21)
#21  March 14, 2021, 06:39:05 PM
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03/14/21: (Incident Zero) Four characters updated
IZ Meiling, IZ Sakuya, IZ Youmu, and IZ Yukari have been updated. All characters now follow a new file structure and can be downloaded as a bundle
or separately. See instructions on the downloads page for more info.

03/14/2021 - Version 2021.03.14

- Added the following characters to the file structure: Meiling, Sakuya, Youmu, Yukari
- [Common][System] Reorganized file structure, all IZ characters now share a common System file.
- [Common][System] Fixed bug where characters were vulnerable to grabs during pre-jump frames.
- [Common][System] Fixed graphical bug involving dash effects during superpauses.
- [Common][System] Fixed an issue where getup invulnerability would end prematurely if an attack was performed on the same frame control was regained.
- [Common][System] All characters now use a new buffer system, as the old system was causing visual oddities.
- [Common][System] Holding Down while taunting against Stupa's Training now completely refills the Spirit Gauge.
- [Common][System] Corrected button strength priority in commands; higher strength buttons now take priority over lower strength buttons.
- [Common][System] Fixed how proration & Type-B spirit gains are handled on multi-hit attacks.
- [Common][System] Taunting to refill Spirit meter against Stupa's Training no longer occurs if Spell Trance is active.
- [Meiling][System] Corrected command priority between Sky Dragon Kick/Scarlet Cannon and Kick of Showering Brilliance/Water Taichi Fist.
- [Meiling][System] Added Lie Meiling mode (accessed by pressing U,U,D,D,B,F,B,F,D,U when palette #10 is highlighted during palette selection).
- [Meiling] Water Taichi Fist: Damage increased (50/60/70->50/65/80), fixed oversight that would allow two projectiles on screen at once.
- [Meiling] "Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm": Fixed bug that would occur if Meiling trades hits with opponent.
- [Youmu][System] Fixed oversight where certain attacks would not add Spirit gauge during Type-ß.
- [Youmu] "Sword of Meditation": Added safeguard that prevents 2nd hit onward from whiffing against airborne opponents if the first hit connects.
- [Yukari][System] Portrait & Superportrait updated.
- [Yukari][System] Fixed oversight that made air dashes cover more horizontal distance than intended.
- [Yukari][System] Adjusted command priority between Specials; Fantasy Firefly Nest now takes command priority over Full Moon Umbrella and Illusionary Rift.
- [Yukari][System] Corrected gravity values on several of Yukari's attacks.
- [Yukari] "Spell Overdrive": Fixed various system bugs that would occur when Spellcards are used.

Thanks , but... like you not read my message :( . Anyway, how i put these work now? My old style cut paste not work, because, i should maybe change that persons list file :( ...
Re: [IZ Style] Toyosatomimi no Miko released, Three characters updated (09/04/21)
#22  September 05, 2021, 12:42:33 AM
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Re: [IZ Style] Toyosatomimi no Miko released, Three characters updated (09/04/21)
#23  September 05, 2021, 01:41:45 AM
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Ooh Futo is coming up next? Nice.