add004 messing up commands (Read 400 times)

Started by NecusX, January 03, 2020, 02:48:52 AM
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add004 messing up commands
#1  January 03, 2020, 02:48:52 AM
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for certain characters, for some reason some commands may end up getting an error for some reason, for example daimon who was acting normal without add004, but then when I patch him ( Note that I did not upgrade him to 1.1) there is a error

Library error message: Died parsing command = "ѱE؂芔•Ԃµ"

Error detected.

Undefined command label: "command".
If not misspelling in CNS, check CMD
Error parsing trigger1, 1
Error parsing [state a]
Error in [Statedef 2152]
Error in Goro_Daimon2.cns:3539
Character mugenversion is older than this version of M.U.G.E.N.
Error loading chars/daimon-kofa/daimon-kofa.def
Error loading p1

Clipboard tail:
Game loop init
Versus screen init
End of versus screen loop
Game loop deinit
Gameflow 11
Loading match assets...
Loading stage...
Info: stage Deep Sands loading in pre-1.0 compatible mode
  Loading BG...OK
Stage loaded OK
Setting game resolution 850x638...OK
  Allocating helpers...OK
Match RNG seed: 1081764483
Reset persist vars team 0
Reset persist vars team 1
Loading character chars/daimon-kofa/daimon-kofa.def...
  Loading info...OK
  Loading cmd command set Goro_Daimon.cmd...OK
  Loading cns Goro_Daimon.cns...OK
  Loading cns Goro_Daimon2.cns...Character daimon-kofa.def failed to load

any help is very appreciated
That will happen to you if you don't wear your seat belts, so make sure to wear your seat belts.