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Started by mr_bourrepalestick, May 07, 2017, 01:35:20 PM
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Credits & used ressources
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Here you'll find references to all the assets & tools I've been/I am using to produce the contents for Another Blade.



FighterFactory 3 (pretty obvious, for most mugen related stuff :D )
>>> MFG topic

FontFactory (for font conversions from .pcx into .fnt format)

sprmake2 (for font conversions from .pcx into .sff format)
Usually in your mugen 1.0 default folder.


Gimp : sprite & visual stuff

Audacity : audio edits

Notepad++ :  text files editing &  .lua files (useful for some Ikemen main system files)

LibreCalc :  tablesheets and calculation stuff

yED Graph Editor :  graph diagrams & charts  (very useful for character moveset design)

OBS Studio : video capture

OBS - fightstick motion  : capture joystick inputs in your gameplay videos

Tunngle : online gaming servers, I use this one for Ikemen online play. There are other plateforms too.

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Re: Credits & used ressources
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I've been using the following stages as sources for sprite imports.
Mostly, I'm "simplifying" palettes with optimized palette tool for each sprite groups (sometimes refining hue/saturation values).
Then adjusting sprite (x,y) positions so they fit my personnal comfort/standard as they come from different authors. Finally, some basic adjustments in the stage.def files so all behave the same (edge position, camera movement etc.).
Still, those stages assets come from each author's work in the first place. They deserve credits for it.

  • Amano stage (Last Blade) --> "Gambling street"
  • Kaede stage (Last Blade) --> "Automn garden"
  • Kagami stage (Last Blade) --> "Castle hall"
  • Village stage (Last Blade 2) --> "Village way"

  • Charlotte stage (Samurai Shodown 5 ) --> "Western boat"
  • Rasetsumaru stage (Samurai Shodown 5 ) --> "Cherry forest by night"
  • Genjuro stage (Samsho2) & Amakusa stage (Samsho5sp)  --> Menu screens

  • Forest Temple Stage (Samurai Shodown 5 ) --> "Forest temple"

  • Nude place stage (SVC) --> "Old Cathedral"

(edits to come with future contents)
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Re: Credits & used ressources
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General sources

All character packs I've been using as a source come from here

For voices & soundtracks, the MFG wiki page redirects to :
Some voices (announcer) and special effects come from there.

Import process

First, I've started with a KFM edit to make my own "base character" : Haohmaru.
All other characters are basically Haohmaru edits.

So for the edits, I just basically import sprites from other author characters and start from there.

I always start with a single sprite to define my own palette with minimal palette spots and my own contrast preferences. (With time I realized some errors I've made concerning color separation, but that's specific to each character).
Exception made for smears, I prefer using separate palettes for characters and other special effects / projectiles. I use fightfx sprites as a common ressource in the fullgame project.
I'm not using all source's sprites, just those I need, replacing them in index/groups as they fit Another Blade's "standard".
All anims are reworked, and I admit I've been picking up some ideas from the sources in the beginning. :)

Same for character's voices.
They often come with various quality/amplitudes, so I'm always trying to keep it all consistent by tweaking them before assigning them into character's actions. Obviously, sounds rarely belong to the same actions as in the source character.

  • Hahomaru --> Hirohiro (Samurai Shodown)
  • Yumeji --> Mikenuko (Samurai Shodown)
  • Charlotte --> Noe (Samurai Shodown)
  • Kagami --> HAL (Last Blade 2)
  • Kaede --> Ildanaf 's version (Last Blade) for sprites , Bagaliao 's version (Awakened Kaede - Last Blade 2) for voice.

(edits to come with future contents)
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