Playable alpha - the release thread  (Read 27050 times)

Started by mr_bourrepalestick, May 07, 2017, 12:43:49 PM
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Playable alpha - the release thread
#1  May 07, 2017, 12:43:49 PM
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Below, you'll find links to the .zip folders for each version, for both Mugen and Ikemen releases.
This post will be edited every time a new release is available with a fresh new link.
I'll try to keep track of changes with a clean changelog post starting from current version (V-17-04-B).

Previous builds
Another Blade V-17-08-A]
Ikemen - Another B-17-08-A
Another Blade V-17-04-B
Ikemen - Another B-17-04-B
Another Blade V-17-02
Another Blade V-17-01-A
Another Blade V-16-11-B
Another Blade V-16-11-A
Another Blade V-16-10-B
Another Blade V-16-10-A
Another Blade V-16-09-bis
Another Blade V-16-09
Another Blade V-16-07
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Re: Playable alpha - the release thread
#2  August 15, 2017, 12:55:06 PM
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Hi everyone.
A fresh release for Another Blade (17-08-A) is available ! For both Mugen and Ikemen engines !
Check the 1st post for the download links.

Quite difficult to list all changes. Seems like my promise to make a clean changelog is hard to keep at this stage. I'd have to dig into all my handwritten notes, on small pieces of paper here and there, and check which elements have made it through.
But let me try, if I remember :

General stuff
  • ground tech - invincible only at the start (8 frames), vulnerable till the end of the animation
  • 18 juggle points - most attacks use 1 point. Launcher-type attacks (and throws) use 5 points.
  • Reduced all guard pushbacks -> punishes are now more consistent

  • Phoenix dive - (air A+B) is now a special attack. Can be canceled into from air normals, and is an overhead
  • Has lost his command grab. His regular throw deals more damage
  • Has gained a static fire projectile : Qcb - A/B . Each version serves a different purpose.
  • His jab (back +A) is no longer an overhead. It is more useful at close range.

  • air qcb + A/B  : air projectiles
  • air qcb+C : dive kick
  • special hop (uses 1meter) :  qcf+Z  from neutral, up direction to cancel from a normal attack
  • air specials are available during the special hop
  • f-d-df + A/B : dragon punch attack (uses 1 special meter)

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Re: Playable alpha - the release thread
#3  August 24, 2017, 08:03:48 PM
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Updated 1st post with the latest links.

A quick fix to missing hurtboxes on Kagami's  Qcb + A  special move.
Thanks to Filthy Casual   for the feedback on this one !!
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